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Well 'alive', technically he's an A.I but he is sentient and I don't want to go into this whole argument now so let's just start with the article

So, I only actually saw this movie a couple of weeks ago, and I was completely blown away by its sheer epicness. It was funny, made lots of references to upcoming movies (Wakanda, anyone?) and was really enjoyable and hilarious. And I've finally stopped procrastinating, and written an article on something I noticed that got me thinking.

I noticed that, in Ultron's final scene with The Vision, he gets hit by Vision's Solarray - probably not solar, but moving on (Soular?) - and a big yellow flash ensues. NOW, whilst I am sure that, whilst many people were convinced that Ultron was dead, I was not. Oh no.

That yellow gem on his forehead.
That yellow gem on his forehead.

You see, this yellow flash did not happen when Vision was firing it at Ultron earlier in the movie - you know, with Thor and Iron Man - or when he was decimating Ultron's drones in the skies with War Machine, which was also really f*cking cool.

I believe that Ultron could have possibly been assimilated by the Soul Gem, and could potentially return later on. In the comics, the Soul Gem is able to trap souls inside it in an idyllic world, so it could potentially trap Ultron in there(but he's a robot and doesn't have a soul but he technically has consciousness and damn I hate that argument). Or, maybe Ultron was destroyed by Vision, but I just don't want to accept that. A bit like Quicksilver dying in the same movie he was introduced in.

Stupid deaths, stupid deaths everywhere.
Stupid deaths, stupid deaths everywhere.

Although, at least he was granted a 'Quick' death. I know, I'm terrible. I'll stop now.

This theory kinda fits for me. I don't think they would (or should) kill off such a big Avengers villain, although they do have other villains they are going to use (Thanos, clearly), so maybe it was a good decision. I also realize this theory is complete speculation, and probably won't come to fruition, but oh well. A boy can dream.

Anyways, I loved this movie. It felt better than the first (in my opinion), and Ultron was easily one of the best villains Marvel have put on the big screen, James Spader was absolutely perfect. Thank you for reading this,'tis much appreciated, and please comment if you have an queries or anything, I'll do my best to answer, y'know.

Peace and Love and all that sh*t. Farewell.


Do you think Quicksilvers death was a moronic, god-awful thing to do to us?


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