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For a game that's premise is over-saturated, Project Zomboid stands unique and fresh compared to it's peers. Project Zomboid isn't your typical zombie game nor your typical survival horror game. Project Zomboid is more of a simulator than an RPG. When playing, you'll get frustrated so many times before actually getting the hang of everything as for PZ is a roguelike, once your survivor dies, he/she is dead forever. No matter how far your progress or big your fortress. Many of which mistakes you'll make is mostly because you got too over your head, or just plain stupidity. But once you get how the game goes, you'll surely live to see another day, maybe months.

To fully enjoy the game, one must stop looking at this game as a survival RPG, and more of a survival sim. With the word simulator being said, this means managing, scheduling and farming. Think of it as a mash-up of The Sims + Farmville + Old-School Zombies. You gather supplies and build a base of operations where you can store your supplies and gear or maybe start a farm for food supplies. You can also choose to be a nomad and move from place to place.

Moreover on being a simulator, you have to take care of your survivors needs, hunger, boredom and health should be taken care of and maintained well regularly. You can't just sit all day and wait. As you build your base, the game adds a Farmville + Tower Defense vibe to it. Make sure though you don't go gathering supplies at night as it gets pretty dark and dangerous. With this scheduling is also important, make sure you make a to-do list for the day, patience pays in this game, some areas are so infested that you have to postpone your scheduled scanveging trip. Everything is important in this game, make sure to gather everything for maybe in the future you may need it.

For an Early Access Game, Project Zomboid is already filled with hours and hours of fun gameplay, as everything in the main gameplay is there, surviving, scavenging, building. It is announced and on paper though that NPC's will be added to give the game a more immersive feel and dynamic events. I personally am looking forward for the NPC's, imagine with the amount of different kinds of gameplay all mashed together in one added with NPC's and dynamic events all together can put this game into another way crazier level.

I totally recommend this game for everyone, especially for people who are up for a challenge.

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