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Matilda Zetaic

So after summer premier let's just take deep breath and see the situation.....

I'm guessing that A Andrew is now A but I don't know is that for real now .

So let's just think about all that we see in season premier ......My first hope for girls in PLL was to just get out of that scary dollhouse and come to their own houses and be scared a little less I guess... In last episode of season 5 we saw that girls can't leave place because of electrical wire and now we know that A leave them to starve for 2-3 days...They finished their call it punishment and Charles(A) return them to their scary rooms but he took Mona.I wasn't always Mona fan but right now I really like her because she helping girls and I just see now that she is totally different compering to season 2 when she was crazy.Spencer finds way out of dollhouse by using her mind...Spencer,Aria,Hanna and Emily find out about secret way to another room that leads us to A's soul.Four girls decides to burn the dollhouse and first time in history of PLL A freak out and do nothing.While in the meantime Toby,Ezra,Caleb and police trying to find the girls...Ezra,Toby and Caleb are having a plan to track Alison while she is going to A trap (police doesn't know abut this) but it ends up pretty well because fire reveal A's dollhouse and girls took Mona whit them so they got out of the dollhouse ...They called police and police find out about another girl Sara who is got missing at same time as Alison ..WHAT ? Now we have to wait for another episode to find out who is Sara and who is Charles and a lot of other things .

Alright I just need to calm down and take a nice tea to process all ...

NO, not helping I just have that scary picture of MONA in my head and still thinking about Sara and Charles and girls and PLL .....Can't wait for another episode..


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