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I've never written an article before. Ever. But I have noticed that, despite Spider-man being introduced to the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' (MCU), no one has mentioned the fact that our favourite webslinger has already appeared in a 'Marvel Studios' movie and has been under our noses this entire time. The recurring question of where in the MCU the wall-crawler might appear first has prompted me to write this article explaining that Spider-Man's next appearance won't be the first time we've seen him in the very same universe as Robert Downey Jr's 'Iron Man' and Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor'.

Allow me to explain. I assume you all remember, back in 2008 when the MCU was only just taking its first steps as a franchise, movie 'The Incredible Hulk' starring Edward Norton. While not considered the best movie in the MCU, it was certainly an improvement from Ang Lee's 'Hulk', back in 2003, and a memorable instalment of what has now become possibly the most successful movie franchise there is.

"So how is Spider-man involved?

Can you recall the climactic action-packed fight between The Hulk and Abomination at the end of 'The Incredible Hulk' Well it turns out that, although Spidey wasn't shouting out sarcastic insults, he was indeed present at the very battle between the two giant beasts. My evidence comes in the form of a YouTube clip uploaded by 'Dante Deus'. It's a relatively unpopular upload considering it has had less than 16,000 views since 'Dante Deus' uploaded the clip of the webslinger in August of 2013, and also isn't the best quality, especially when compared to our blu-ray copies that lie on our shelves right in between 2008's 'Iron Man' and 2010's 'Iron Man 2'. But that means that, once you've checked it out in the video, linked below, you can prove that it really does exist in the official movie by rewatching the iconic scene.

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