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One of our favorite gadgets and always look it up every where you go and every where you are,but you guys might like their games too from the AppStore and PlayStore.This is one of the best games for you.

1. Kritika: The White Knight

If you like RPGs without a lot of storyline and can costume like shit even it's sword,you will love this game.It's about fighting and gaining power.

2. N.O.V.A 3: Freedom Edition

Do you like a great storyline and a sci-if games like Halo.You would love this.Why?because as if you want to play Halo you can't play it in your frikin car,but this,you can play anywhere,everywhere.

3. Heroes of Order and Chaos

Are you a nerdy-head and if you say yes,you will like this game,a MOBA game that is on your smartphone and a place like Dota and LoL.

4. Avabel Online

Love RPGs,love adventure and exploring.You will like it,because you will have to explore a lot of floors and do quest,find and wear avatars,upgrade level,buy and sell items.The place where you feel like you are the one in the game.Like Sword Art Online.

5. Infinity Blade 3

This game will blow your mind whit its graphics and its weapon of choice.The game is where you need to use a little money but it'll be worth It.The storyline is just amazing.Better play it,I do consider playing the first and second Infiniti Blade.

That's all for my top 5 smartphone games.Hope you enjoy and please do to download and try one of this game.


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