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Everyone is talking about whose side they are on for Captain America: Civil War, yet I hear nothing about who you would support in the upcoming Batman V Superman movie. I will make a case for both sides by offering 5 key points as to how great they are, and then we will vote at the end, this is not a 'Who would win in a fight' kind of contest, its who's side would you join if you had to choose! So here we go:


1. He’s Just A Man

If Batman were to miss his grapple (he wouldn’t, but saying he did) and hit the ground from a sufficient height, he’d die like the rest of us. It’s as simple as that. Other Superheroes may also share this base humanity, but generally when they don their alter-ego they enter altered states and become impervious (a la Green Lantern or Iron Man).

We can never know what it’s like to attain this invulnerability, or to fly or feel super-strength but we can and do strive to reach the pinnacle of our potential. That’s why Batman is so effortlessly relatable; it isn’t his frequent feats of strength or athleticism so much as the fact that even in the cape and cowl, he’s still one of us.

2. Bruce Wayne

When most Heroes remove the costume, they become their alter-ego. Superman becomes Clark Kent. But Batman, even as Bruce Wayne is still Batman. He’s always watching and analysing with the Bat-Computer and others in the Bat-family. In other words there is no Bruce Wayne; there’s only the mission. With Batman, more than any other hero I can think of, the alter-ego represents less of a civilian existence. Now that’s dedication at its coldest, loneliest and most admirable.

3. The Batcave

It houses literally the entire Bat-legacy: from Batsuits to Batmobiles. It’s Batman’s equivalent to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, although instead of being gifted with the Batcave (as Superman was gifted with his own crystalline retreat and indeed his entire power set), he built it from nothing just as he built his own legend.

4. The ability to take down Superman

In the extended DC Universe, Superman trusts Batman above any other, although they may fundamentally disagree on crime fighting methods. The reason for this is simple: Superman knows how potentially dangerous he is and if he were to go rogue (something which has happened on numerous occasions believe it or not), then he knows that Batman would be the one to take him down, without a doubt.

Normally, the power of a Villain is measured against the power of the Hero, but Batman can feasibly defeat anyone – from a lowlife rapist to a vengeful God – because he follows one fundamental ideal: nothing is impossible. I’ve got to be honest, I wish that wasn’t so easier said than done, because if I could see life in this way, I reckon I’d be a millionaire by now.

5. He cannot be fooled!

D.C Super-Villainy 101: do not try to put the mind whammy on Batman. No memory-wipes, no illusionary worlds, no hallucinations and no psychic suggestions remain hidden from the Caped Crusader for long. He knows, and if he doesn’t, he will. It’s unclear to me whether he was trained in the mental arts, or whether his clarity of mind is just an inherent by-product of his superior will. Nevertheless it’s yet another notch in the Bat-post of ridiculously admirable, entirely human abilities.

Conclusion: He’s The God Damned Batman, enough said!


1. The Dictionary says so – more or less.

“Superhero: a benevolent fictional character with Superhuman powers, such as Superman.”

According to The Oxford Dictionary, Superman is not only very definition of a Superhero, but is also the only one great enough to be listed as an example. Many argue that, because he is an alien, he cannot have ‘superhuman’ powers. While this is true on a technical level, it is the application of those physical powers that makes Superman ‘superhuman’. Crashing to Earth as an infant and raised by a human family, his alien ‘powers’, when they began to appear, were harnessed and trained within the realm of human experience. Additionally, his ‘powers’ are a direct result of the Sun.

2. Superman has always been his true self.

Batman and Iron Man are clever guys with cool toys and gadgets. Spider--man got his powers from a spider bite, Thor has a big hammer, and The Hulk got zapped. Kal-El has always been who he is, and who he is, is the Man of Steel. Clark Kent is his disguise – Superman is the real persona. No gadgets, no tools, no insect attacks or ill-advised science experiments. Just the man.

3. He is entirely relatable, despite being an alien and a Superhero.

Superman may be faster than a speeding bullet, and he may be more powerful than a locomotive, but he is also relatable as a character. As Kal-El/Superman, he is trying to find a way to fit into society, his story taps into a huge historical aspect of identity. Which many people can relate to.

4. He expresses positivity.

Beyond his strong moral code and sense of justice, Superman is compelled to learn the lessons from his history and move forward with his life. Able to access information and advice from his birth family inside his Fortress of Solitude, Kal-El benefits from the wisdom of his ancestors applied to his new life. He must forge ahead, however, and this is symbolised by his only weakness appearing when Kryptonite is present – Kryptonite being a mineral from his home world, created by its destruction. Quite literally, the only thing that can cause harm to Superman is his painful past.

5. He really is the best of us.

Although Superman is not human, his strong moral code was instilled in him by his adoptive human parents – the Kents. This is a family that found him as a child, and chose to help him – accepting him completely and without hesitation. He was welcomed warmly and loved unconditionally. The Kents taught him, and taught him well – which means that, ultimately, despite his alien origin, he represents the very best of humanity.

Conclusion: He is simply a God among men!

So now there is a strong case for both Superheroes. Vote and comment below, let me know what you think!


Whose side are you on?


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