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So last night, June 2, we finally got to watch the anticipated season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, and if last night tells us anything, we are sure in for a wild ride. The writers wasted no time pulling us right back in to the dangerous torture chamber called 'the dollhouse.' The season picked up right where it left off in season 5 with the Liars and Mona in quite the predicament, but also gave viewers a glimpse of a character that has also been trapped in the dollhouse, and who could very well become a part of the bigger picture of this -A mystery. Needless to say, Tuesday nights are back and we are thrilled about it.

So, here's a recap of last nights episode:

Who Is Sara Harvey?

The first scene of 'Game On Charles' revealed much information; another girl is trapped in Charles' dollhouse. Of course we don't know exactly who this person is until the very end, but before we found out, many thought it was Bethany Young. She was revealed wearing the same infamous yellow top that Mona had been wearing, and of course what Alison was wearing the night she went missing. Later on, it was revealed that this was none other than Sara Harvey, a girl from Courtland, PA who disappeared the same night that Alison did. And given the amount of tallies that Sara had written on the wall, she has been held captive for quite some time. So, the dollhouse isn't something that Charles has built recently. In fact, it seems that Charles has been planning this all along. What does Charles want with her? Where does she tie into this entire thing? Well, we will just have to wait and see.

No Way Out:

Now we are back where we left off in season 5. The Liars attempt to escape, but they are trapped in by an electric fence. Soon after they realize this, Charles slams the doors and leaves them outside for three whole days. They were left outside with no food or water. And even when the doors to the dollhouse did open, their punishment still wasn't over. Charles subjected the liars with gas, which put them out for a few hours, which led them to wake up in a creepy like morgue. Soon after waking up, the liars were instructed to go back to their rooms for the 'surprises.' Whatever these surprises were, we know they weren't pleasant due to the screams we heard as each of them entered their rooms. Once the girls were finally reunited, they couldn't even come to terms with talking about what they had just been through. Whatever it was, we hope to hear about it soon.

Alison is Free:

That's right, Alison has been released from prison. She holds a press conference, and while this is happening, we now have knowledge that the liars have been missing for a month (can you imagine being trapped in a creepy dollhouse with your tormentor for a month? This episode had us emotional). It was also revealed during Alison's press release that Andrew is the main suspect for abducting the girls. Is -A planting evidence on Andrew? We think this could be a possibility (Note: There was a very disturbing journal entry that was shown, that apparently belonged to Andrew, but we think -A planted it. Check it out)

We also see a different side to Alison that we have never seen before- one that is willing to do whatever it takes to help her friends. She even plotted with Ezra, Caleb and Toby to escape the police so she can get one on one time with -A in hopes of him leading them to his lair. Well, it turns out that their planned worked without a hitch, which we will talk about soon.

Play With Fire:

Back in the dollhouse, the Liars are now being forced to unpack things from Ali's bedroom to prepare for her arrival. But this time it wasn't Mona, it was the real Ali. During the unpacking, Spencer spotted a toy that had C.D. initialed, which they soon figured out to mean Charles DiLaurentis. After discovering this, Spencer, of course, deciding that they were going to break out of the dollhouse that night. Spencer's thinking was brilliant as it always is. She had counted how many steps it would take to the vault before the generator kicked in. If they could just get to the vault where Charles has kept all of his prized possessions, they could bargain their way to freedom. Thanks to Emily, they found a secret passage way that led to the Vault, which did indeed hold all of Charles' prized possessions. With this, Aria tells Spencer to 'torch this place.' Spencer than yells, 'Game on Charles' and begins to set all of his prized possession on fire. It had seemed that this plan has worked. The fire alarm soon goes off, and the Liars make a run to find Mona (Note, Mona leaves a message in Ali's room stating 'He's going to kill me,' and is now in the 'hole,' that she mentions earlier in the episode.)

While the girls are making a run for it, Charles decides instead to go grab Ali, who just so happens is spotted in the woods next to the underground dollhouse. The girls quickly grab Mona, and make a run to try and find an escape.

A Sweet Reunion:

Well, the Liars' plan worked out perfectly. It had seemed the Charles had stopped watching them and decided to go save his possessions instead. In the meantime, Ezra, Caleb, Alison and Toby spotted the Lair doors. As soon as they were about to open them, the Liars came bursting out, along with Mona. This soon led to a sweet reunion for the Liars, as they all reunited with their significant others. While Charles was nowhere in site, Sara Harvey was also managed to be rescued (and for this we are grateful. Can you imagine the trauma this girl has been through?). Hopefully next week we will find out more to this Sara Harvey story, and why she is so important to this mystery. The show soon ends with one simple question that we've been trying to answer since March, as Emily asks Alison, 'Who is Charles DiLaurentis?"

So what are your thoughts from the new episode? Did it reach your expectations? Tell us everything in the comments below.


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