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This is not the easiest thing that I've done this year so far, but with so much good publicity (and well deserved) going on, I find it interesting that there's not many people giving any constructive criticism out there. The main reason for that being that it's a very, very good film. It's hard to find the flaws when you are sitting there in a theatre seat going 110 miles per hour down a straight, dirt, desert highway toward a bitter destination.....You find yourself standing in the desert and before you know it, there are cars all around you and it really doesn't stop. It's like being lifted into a tornado and when you finally come down you can't help but want to ride again.....Fury Road is an experience. One that I promise you will NOT regret.

Immortan Joe / Toecutter (kudos if you get it)
Immortan Joe / Toecutter (kudos if you get it)

The fact that the film is so well made actually is the reason that I spotted these few things. Let me start by saying, i would not, in ANY way, shape, or form change this film. I repeat: I WOULD NOT CHANGE THIS FILM. However, I like a challenge and this was a fun one. So, here are 4 things that I think could have improved the story.

4 Things Missing from one of the best films I've seen in years....

1: Nux is Capable of Standing Alone.

The first thing that hit me as 'out of place' was Nux and Capable (Redheaded Bride)....not really believable....they just lay down together and begin to connect in the middle of all this fucking chaos? She's been a sexual slave to the Immortan Joe regime you think she'd learn to fear his henchmen. Just because one of them is weeping on the floor of a car, you console them? No. He's been trying to destroy your shit. Murder his ass. Given, I'm glad she didn't because Nux goes on his own Journey, but still the way it happens really took me out of it.

What can she say?...Chicks dig scars...
What can she say?...Chicks dig scars...

In my own opinion, Nux and Capable's relationship is not needed. I already cared about his journey because it was intriguing enough. He's young and terribly confused trying to figure out where he belongs. It's pretty much the equivalent of a child raised in a religious cult...if the cult were headed by murderous slave drivers. Nicholas Hoult does an amazing job. I haven't read much about that, but he breaks out of his shell in this film and really goes for it.

Nicholas Hoult as Nux
Nicholas Hoult as Nux

That being said, they still felt the need to make you care about him with this relationship which doesn't last very long. I found it tired and their scenes together completely out of place. It didn't match the tone of the film and the timing just wasn't there.

2: More Bride's Should Have Died.

That's right. I said it. More. The whole movie is this long ass chase scene, and only 1 bride dies? There's this catastrophic bloodbath all about, and somehow the least prepared humans on the entire trip have the highest mortality rate? Bullshit. I don't buy it. "But Kidd, they had people fighting over them and protecting them." And? Did you ever fight over something with someone? Even as a kid, we would rip a teddy bear in half just so the other couldn't have it. (That's some real shit you know was there too.)

A total of one on the body count is pretty odd defying to say the least. Now given, The Splendid Angharad, or Lead Bride, dies in an awesome way and they wrote that perfectly, but more of the brides needed to be checked off. I really wanted the one bride who kept trying to go back, Cheedo I believe was her name, to actually go back to the gang and then have them kill her ass...even though they wanted her for babies..there are other women and she really just grinned my gears the whole time.

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Max killed the pregnant bride. Had he not shot her leg, the blood wouldn't have caused her to slip and she would have survived with the rest of those brides that should have awesomely unexpected was that though?

3: Wanted a Bloodier Trip.
The car scenes were all perfect. I mean perfect. I felt a rush like when I was a kid in there. But I think that they could have shaved out a gory side scene or two to show how fucked up that gang really was. (*would have thrown off the timing, but a better investment that the redheaded bride in my opinion) The car to car battles were great, but they held back a good bit in several aspects which shocked me because George Miller prides himself on practical effects.

From the interviews that I read leading up to seeing the film, I had expected something much darker. Even though the C-section scene on Angharad's dead body was pretty good. [How big of a monster am I?] What I mean is, if you aren't going to spend time showing how crazy these people really are (they still came off as batshit nuts) then Miller chose a good short, to the point scene to drive it home. I believe they even spike the baby off the table while tossing it off to the side....I can't remember fully, this all happened while I was in a state of awe.

4: I Wanted to see the Immortan Joe's mangeld face better/longer.

I think we all did. At least, most of the people that I talked to. I love that it was quick and you didn't expect it right then. (Even though I'm not sold on Furiosa's Segal-esque one liner she throws out there at the end) I loved the way that there wasn't a final battle so to speak. However, at the end they should have really went in there and let you see what that bastard deserved. Or maybe have had an end to the scene where the car stopped and they gather for a second (like they did multiple times in the film) and then the shot goes inside the car, shows a lingering close up and segways....

They give you that small roll over reveal, so maybe I'm just being a spoiled film brat. Who am I to complain when I just got the most worthwhile movie theatre experience of the last 5 years? (at $40 bucks for 2 people I can complain a little) FUN FACT: I also enjoyed the recasting of Hugh Keayes-Byrne. (or maybe it's him all grown up) In Mad Max (1979) he was Toecutter.

Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe/Toecutter
Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe/Toecutter

Over all A+ and the + is because I believe its the best movie of the year as far as 2015 is concerned. If you want to breach outside of just a good movie and talk theatre experience, a film like this comes along once every 10-15 years. When you go and see it, when you feel it...and you know it's real?......

FINAL GRADE: Fucking Epic.


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