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After One More Day completely undid Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson fans of the marriage where left feeling pretty angry. One More Day made it clear that not only would we not see Peter married, but we wouldn't see him be a father either. Basically we were left with the fact Peter would remain a bachelor however long the character went on.

So when it was announced that there was going to be a Spider-Man series called "Renew Your Vows", with Peter, MJ, and their daughter on the cover, fans like me who missed reading a married Spider-Man waited with anticipation for this comic to be released. However this announcement raised two questions for me:

1. Would this story undo One More Day?

2. How would it affect future Spider-Man stories?

Well let's review Renew Your Vows #1 and find our answers.

The comic starts with Peter working on his web-shooters while MJ feeds their daughter who isn't named May, but Annie. Peter and MJ talk about how Peter is spending more time out on patrol, and Peter laments how he's been dealing with not just his villains but the villains of Daredevil, Moon Knight, and Iron Fist. The couple also discuss whether Peter should dress as Spider-Man around their daughter and Peter decides it would be better to stay Peter Parker while at home.

At the Daily Bugle Peter learns from Ben Urich that Punisher, Moon Knight, and Night Thrasher were murdered and other vigilantes like Iron Fist and Daredevil have gone missing. Looking for answers Spider-Man goes to the Avengers where he learns they have lost contact with Xavier and all the X-Men. Also other powered superheroes have gone missing, while non-powered heroes have been found dead.

Captain America tells the other Avengers that their only lead is a man named Augustus Roman, a C.E.O of a company researching super-human abilities. Hawkeye then alerts the Avengers that there was a prison break at Ryker's, but the Avengers choose instead to confront Roman. Peter hearing about the prison break immediately heads home where he find Venom holding MJ and Annie hostage.

Peter launches himself at Venom and punches him hard enough to break his hands (ouch!). MJ and Annie get away looking for help, but the Avengers are occupied with Roman who is now super-powered and calling himself Regent. MJ thinking quickly hitches a ride on the back of a fire truck and Venom pursues her.

Spider-Man sees the Avengers fighting Regent in the distance, but chooses to save his family from Venom thinking the Avengers will be fine without him. Unfortunately the Avengers are no match for Regent who has the powers of the X-Men and Daredevil's radar sense. He even blows off Hulk's arm!

Meanwhile the fire truck stops at a burning building where Venom tries to attack them, but MJ turns on the truck's siren momentarily stunning him. Spider-Man shows up then and forces Venom into the burning building, where the two continue their fight. MJ let's Spider-Man know that the building is empty, it's just him and Venom inside. After hearing this Spider-Man takes an extreme action: he rips off a support beam and collapses the building on Venom, killing him.

After reuniting with his wife and daughter Peter monologues how the Avengers all died that day and Peter retired, focusing on his family. The comic ends some years later with Peter and Annie walking down the street. Peter ignores a purse snatching taking place right behind him while teaching Annie how to cross the street, and it's clear the city (maybe the world) has been taken over by Regent.

This first issue was pretty good. It set the foundation of what could be a memorable Spider-Man story. I'm eager to see how a retired Peter Parker will function in a world taken over by a super-villain and what affects this will have on his family. This story is clearly set in an alternative reality, so this comic doesn't undo the effects of One More Day for the main universe which is disappointing and whether or not this might have some affect on future Spider-Man stories and his status as a single man is yet to be seen. However, I'm still interested in this mini-series and where it goes from here.


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