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The follow up to the beloved smash hit of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy, may not be scheduled for release for another two years, but director James Gunn is already hard at work on the script.

Yesterday, he revealed on Facebook that the first draft is finished, along with a teasing picture of the front cover.

This news itself may not give us any new information about the film, but as one of the many amazing comic book movie icons who are truly active on social media, Gunn took to the comments section, talking about his writing process, his work with Marvel, and even giving us a few hints about what to expect from the film!

On Writing

Many fans, myself included, reacted with more than a little shock and awe at the idea that the entire script was written in forty-eight days. However, he was the first to point out that this was not the entire process.

There was nine months of treatment writing before I even started on the draft. That's the hardest work in many ways.
MOST of my writing is done while writing a scriptment - which, in this case, took months and months. It's seventy pages long - the majority of a script, with every beat and even a lot of dialogue. I then turn that into a script, which is written in screenplay format, with scenes, etc. What I've been doing the last 48 days is turning the scriptment into a screenplay.

He also mentioned more than once that this wasn't the norm for his writing, but that he had to get it done before leaving to work on another film for a while (presumably The Belko Experiment, which he has been posting a lot about recently).

So he is human, after all!

On The MCU Process

Many fans also wanted to talk about what it's like writing for something as enormous as the MCU, where every detail of a film has to fit into the bigger plans for the studio.

While it may not be the same for every Marvel production, it seems that right now, the Guardians get free rein, perhaps because they don't exist on Earth alongside the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Peggy Carter and Daredevil.

I told Marvel what I wanted to do, and they said okay. They gave me nothing. That said, I already know where things are basically going. But the important thing to me is GotG2 only right now - making it a great movie.

On The Cast And New Characters

First and foremost, we are getting the original team back for round two, which would presumably include a re-grown and full-sized Groot! While Gunn didn't go into detail on who else would be making a second appearance, he did reveal that a few characters would be coming back (Thanos and Nebula are presumably included in that).

Yes, the main cast is all coming back, along with a few others from the first film.

He also addressed some rumor and speculation about characters from other films coming to join the Guardians, although it seems that we won't get any crossover just yet.

There are no characters owned by fox (like the Thing) in the movie.
They will not team up with Hulk.

Finally, he did announce a new team member...

Thanoscopter is the new Guardian.

...but I'm pretty sure he's joking.

On Star Lord's Father

The first Guardians film ended with the revelation that Peter Quill was brought into space to be with his father, leaving fans wondering who that might be. It's a question that will be answered in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, although Gunn is still not revealing his name.

We will see Star-Lord's father in this movie.

However, we know who definitely won't be Star-Lord's long -ost dad, as Gunn has previously stated that it will not be J'son of Spartax, despite the comic book history. There have been plenty of theories as to why he made this change, but now it seems that Gunn just doesn't like J'Son.

Yeah, he's unappealing to me. First of all, his name is J'son.

On Researching The Comics

Despite making some major changes to canon, Gunn is no stranger to the comic books. Like most people who work within live-action comic adaptations, he's done his research, and has his own preferences. That said, he makes no secret of the fact that his story ideas are his own, not lifted from the books, which probably means that we will see a few more changes in the coming films.

In the first movie, I reread all the Abnett Lanning stuff and a lot of the really early tales of the other characters, especially Star-Lord (I love a lot of the feel of the early Star-Lord stories - his origin has been retconned a lot over the years). I do occasional research on a character by requesting all of the comics from Marvel, and they send them over in a big book, bound. So I do a fair amount of research, but it's all to fill out and make better the essential story that I came up with while making the first movie.

On The Name

At the moment, it's unclear whether or not "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" is going to be the "real" title, or if it's simply a working one. The assumption (based on other Marvel sequels) is that there is going to be more than just a number. However, Gunn isn't giving anything away, with this particularly eloquent response to a question about the title...

On The Hero Quote

Finally, it's worth addressing a quote that came from an interview with CBR and which led to all kinds of negative headlines over December. Did he indeed say that in this new film, we'll see that our heroes are "worse than we think"?

No. What I said was we'll get to know characters better. We'll learn how they are better than we think in some ways, and worse than we think in other ways. It bothers me that that quote got taken out of context, because I get this question a lot.

He made it clear that one of his aims with this film is to deepen our connection with the existing characters, explore them more fully, and that's going to include seeing some of their faults.

There were many, many more comments than I could include here, including (of course) many references to being Groot, and some more encouragement and thanks to all the fans who are so excited to see this second space-style Marvel movie.

I am most definitely one of those fans.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on May 5th, 2017.


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