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From the creator of Silent Hill, comes Her Story. Her Story is unlike any other comparable title. Can you dissect these real life interviews and figure out what doesn't add up?

Her Story is the latest title to come from creative genius Sam Barlow. Sam is best known for his work on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. Her Story is an entirely non-linear game that puts the player at the heart of an ongoing murder investigation, the case has gone cold but we still have some old interview footage to spool through.

“The aesthetic is True Detective via Blair Witch. I’m interested in showing that accessible technologies such as video offer a powerful way for indie games to showcase a performance. I am also putting the spotlight on the modern phenomena of the Youtube Jury, in which police forces distribute the footage of intimate suspect interviews for armchair detectives to dissect. You see it in cases such as those of Jodi Arias and Amanda Knox — cases where the suspects’ stories themselves get lost amongst the torrent of cliches and prejudices that the videos elicit.”

Her Story puts the player at the controls of the police database, this fully operational interface contains, amongst other things, the seven key interviews that the player will need to watch and re-watch. The player will need to analyze every word, every tone and every subconscious twitch that has been recorded.

Her Story
Her Story

So basically, the suspect in the tapes was married to the victim who is still missing. Something about her story just doesn't sit right, couple that with evidence found at the scene, this woman has been in the interview room repeatedly.

The footage itself was recorded back in 1994 and each tape relates to a different line of enquiry. The player's computer will take on the role of the police computer, players will be presented with a real working police desktop where they will have the ability to type in search queries and keywords, practically anything they can think of that could be of interest to the case. The typed search queries will also return clips of the answers where the woman speaks those words.

Her Story
Her Story

The VHS aesthetic is reminiscent of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, these tapes can be pulled apart and analyzed to form one big puzzle and it's up to you to solve the case.

“If you can Google, you can play Her Story. The mechanic of searching for clips in the database is so simple that anyone can pick up and play. But it’s a mechanic that quickly reveals its richness and complexity. At times it can feel like you’re engaged in a genuine dialogue with this woman and her story. It’s a unique way to interact with a narrative, a sculptural way of viewing a story — and something that can only be done interactively.” - Sam Barlow

Something is not quite right, and something doesn't add up. This will have you up at all hours of the night trying to figure out what happened. You will find yourself going back to the computer time and time again as a new line of thought pops into your head. This is truly representative of a real life cold case. Are you intuitive enough?

Her Story will launch on PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone on 24th, June 2015

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