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This is the Rick Roll moment. Don't know what that is? You might be a newer or less informed geek. Disney is in fact remaking a popular 90's film, "Sister Act" which stars Whoopi Goldberg in probably her most iconic role.

Producing the new film is Allison Shearmur who has just wrapped up Disney's "Cinderella" and is planning a future project in "Power Rangers" for a 2017 release.

There has been no word yet whether or not Whoopi Goldberg will appear in the new remake. I don't think it to be wise to add her in the remake, but I could understand a cameo for kicks. The original film also co-starred Maggie Smith and Harvey Keitel who I think would be even more doubtful to appear.

The writers of the project are currently Karen McCullah and Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith. Recently it has been reported that McCullah is working on another project called the "Expendabelles", a film similar to Sylvester Stallone's "Expendables", only the film will be of a female crew of mercenaries. McCullah has previously written many chick flicks, like "Legally Blonde". Kirsten Smith has worked on many of the same projects as McCullah.

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