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A few things happened recently that got me thinking about this possibility. First, a new actor for Spidey was being found and Andrew Garfield was done away with. Second, I read Spider-verse, which is a fantastic comic if you get the chance you have to read it. And third, I had a conversation with my friend about Amazing Spiderman 2 and the fact that Gwen was killed.

Long story short, my friend thought it was ridiculous that they killed Gwen off, mainly because Emma Stone played her and that was awesome. To ease her mind a little, I told her that they kind of had to kill Gwen off eventually. And neither Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone were going to be in upcoming movies anyways. That didn't seem to help. So I went on to explain how Gwen is alive in a parallel universe wandering around as Spiderwoman (I conveniently left out the part on Peter Parker in that universe). She calmed down and then we said goodbye.

But I was stuck thinking about Spidermen, the Spider-verse, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone for pretty much the rest of the day. Nothing important, not trying to figure anything out, just thinking. And then an idea struck (that's normally how this works for me).

What if Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were brought back through the Spider-verse?

You are correct, Marvel and Sony are doing away with Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. They're hiring someone knew to play him and that would mean a new Gwen Stacy as well. So they can't come back.

I think you're forgetting something, my wonderful readers, this is the Spider-verse we're talking about. Meaning they all hail from several different universes as the Spiderman, Spiderwoman, or Spidergirl of that universe. Meaning we have several different Peter Parkers floating around on top of the more obscure characters out there.

Here's what I'm thinking, we've got two options for this one that can involve the new kid as Spidey and Andrew Garfield as a (not necessarily the) Spiderman. And I'm on board for either one of them. But we are here to talk about feasibility of a Spider-verse movie.

First off, I should explain the plot of the Spider-verse a little for anyone who hasn't read the comics. Essentially, there are these bad people who are more evil than anyone any Spider has ever come in contact with. They call themselves Inheritors. And they feed off of the life force of literally any living creature. But Spidermen, Spiderwomen, and Spidergirls are the tastiest. Apparently.

So these Inheritors traverse across the multiverse killing off all the Spiders one after another. A few Spiders figure this out and start banding together to fight off the Inheritors. The story dives into issues of cloning, extinction, killing, lost loves, new loves and a few other strange topics you wouldn't expect. There are a ton of twists and turns and a lot of death. But it is a great story and well thought out.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll tell you about the two options I have for this movie. Let's see what's behind door number 1!

Option One: Andrew Garfield as Kaine

Kaine is a clone of Peter Parker, the first from a guy named Miles Warren, better known as the Jackal. The strange appearance you see Kaine in above is not his normal appearance, but what he looks like on occasion thanks to the deformity that came along with the flawed cloning process done by the Jackal.

Kaine is a big part of the Spider-verse story for reasons I won't reveal if you want to read the comic. He's also an incredibly flawed character for more reasons than just the flawed cloning process. He's considered an anti-hero and understandably so. He's partially insane, he kills constantly, and he feels like a rejected son even though he knows the Jackal isn't his father and he'll never have one.

It'd be great to see Andrew Garfield being able to portray this character. After playing Spidey for two movies, the same Spidey with the same humor and everything, it'd be interesting to watch him shift into a radically different role within the same world. Err, omniverse.

And he doesn't ever have to unmask as Kaine never does during the entire comic. This way we don't have to see how he and the real Peter Park not actually identical to each other.

But then again, Kaine is a clone of Pete Parker so they'd have to look and sound alike so that won't work out too well. But it's nice to hope.

Option Two: Andrew Garfield is Spider-UK

Billy Braddock is a member of the Captain Britain Corps which I don't know much about except for the fact that they're all British. Nonetheless, they're able to look at the different universes within the omniverse through a device that looks quite a bit like Cerebro from X-men. Which is how Spider-UK gets roped into the comic.

He watches a few Spiders getting killed by Inheritors and goes to aid the remaining Spiders using a talisman that allows him travel between the dimensions. He meets up with several other Spiders before reconvening with Superior Spiderman (Otto Octavius's subconscious in Peter Parker's body, Earth-616) and Spiderman (Peter Parker from another timeline, Earth-616).

So this option may have a little more weight in reality seeing how Andrew Garfield is actually British. And unlike our last option, it would account for Andrew Garfield and our next actor looking and sounding different.

So, as Spider-UK, he can unmask as often or as rarely as he wants. And it could be a great reveal, too. Marvel could leave it under wraps that he's playing Spider-UK until unmasking him at whatever point they feel necessary. Fans would love it.

I like the second option a little bit more

It's much more feasible mainly because we can't have two Peter Parker's that look and sound nothing alike. Plus, I just can't see Andrew Garfield in the role of a dark, sinister anti-hero who could practically hulk out at any moment.

Spider-UK seems a little more up his alley. And it would push him slightly more into the background behind our actual Spidey. Which is something Marvel will want to do seeing as how this new Spiderman is their own whereas Andrew Garfield is Sony's.

But, is the movie itself feasible?

That my friends, is one tough question.

It could be done, but it would have a massive cast. It wouldn't be impossible, however. Not every Spider has a big role in the comic, so not every Spider would need to unmask. Actually, most don't. And there are lots of Peter Parkers and a couple of other repeats.

Our new Spiderman would really need to step it up. There would probably be quite a bit of voice overs done by our new Spiderman. So he'd have to be able to handle that. It probably couldn't all fit into just one movie and there are a lot of characters to be introduced and killed off quickly before you get too attached. And sometimes, it's so quick you don't remember who anyone is. It was hard enough keeping track with the comic right in front of where I could go back and check.

Just like how Spiderwoman (Jessica Drew Earth-616) tells a few other Spiders, the actors of this movie will have to put their egos away. Not one character is more important than another. Even Peter Parker (Earth-616) isn't our most important character. I couldn't even tell you which one is. It could be Peter, it could be Kaine, it could be Silk, it could be Spider-UK, it could be Spiderwoman, it could be Karn (an Inheritor from the home world of the Inheritors, Earth-000). It could be anyone. So our actors would really need to put away their egos and be able to work together as supporting characters of each other's stories.


Could it be done? Yeah. Will it be easy? No. Is it worth it? If done right, this will be a fantastic movie or series of movies. Will it happen? Probably not.

Making this movie would be a lot of effort on everyone's part. There would be a lot of scripting to be done and it would have to line up identically to the comics, or else the fans, the ones who read the comics, will be upset about it. I know I would, even though I know that that's not entirely fair of me.

Marvel has a way of doing things and this just isn't it. Sony is following too closely behind Marvel now that the two are back on good terms for it to ever happen. But I would be forever grateful if somehow Marvel and Sony decided they're gonna do this.

And if you're wondering where Emma Stone would end up in all of this, she'd get to stay as Gwen Stacy.

If you were unaware, this is a thing. In that alternate timeline I mentioned earlier, Gwen Stacy parades around as Spiderwoman. And just as it says in the panel above, she was my favorite the minute I saw her drawn on those pages.

Emma Stone will be able to pull this off. This version of Gwen is something we haven't seen on screen yet with anything Stone has done. But it'll be the same humor she had in the last two movies, and she'll be a much cooler character. It'd be great seeing her butt heads with one Peter while bonding with another one.


Should we get a Spider-verse movie?


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