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10 - Jason Todd

In Earth 51 Jason Todd met a Batman that killed after Jason's death, afterwards he started being Red Robin until Earth 51 Batman died. He started becoming Batman even going as far as making a Bat-cave and torturing people in the Cave.

9 - Jim Gordon

After Batman "Died" Jim Gordan became the new Batman aka Robocop.

8 - Unknown

Batman One Million's identity is unknown meaning he could be Bruce but again its unknown. Whats cool about this Batman is hes not your normal Batman he has telepathy and is in the year 82,265 on Pluto.

7 - Damian Wayne

When Damian Wayne couldn't save Batman from dying to avenge his father he became a killing Batman kind like Al Sah-Him in Arrow.

6 - Jean Paul Valley

During Knightfall Bruce knew that Gotham needed a Batman he chose a man named Jean Paul Valley, he was alright at first but then the Angel of Death came to because its in hes genes and he started being more like Azreal. He started killing and that's a reason why Bruce had to come back.

5 - Tim Drake

After Bruce Wayne's disappearance and thought to be dead Tim Knew he was still alive and he knew that Gotham needed a Batman. He was Batman until Bruce came back and Tim started being Red Robin

4 - Thomas

In a Universe that Bruce died instead of Thomas became Batman and like a lot of the Batmen on this list he kills.

3 - Thomas (again)

In Earth Two while Bruce he saw three men beaten to death and those three men were the men who killed his parents, he later finds out that his Father was pumping himself with drugs and avenging his family. When Bruce sacrificed himself Thomas became Batman to avenge his son.

2 - Terry McGinnis

When Bruce became to old to fight crime and almost had to rely on a gun he stopped being Batman forever. One night when Terry got in a fight with the Jokers he drove to Wayne Manor and Bruce kicked there ass with his cane so Terry helped him back to the manor and found the batsuit he stole the suit to avenge his father and it took Bruce a bit but Bruce accepted him being Batman.

1- Dick Grayson

When Bruce need Dick Grayson to stand in for him Dick accepted he was a funny Batman always making jokes smiling a lot more.


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