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This is my entry for the Moviepilot end credit scene contest! If this end credit scene were to happen (which is probably very unlikely) it would occur at the end of Avengers Infinity War Part Two.

To be more specific, it would take place after the Avengers have defeated Thanos in Infinity War, destroying or scattering the Infinity Stones so they may not be used again. Everyone is happy again and the universe is at peace once more, well, not for long...

Hope you enjoy!

The Scene:

Excelsior news watchers!
Excelsior news watchers!

After all the credits have run the film cuts to news reports about the Avengers' victory against Thanos. Everything seems normal but then the camera begins to slowly pan out from the news and the audience sees the back of the head of a shady figure. The only things that can be made out on the being are their long, pointed ears while it watches the news with intent.

Suddenly there is a male voice that speaks to the shady figure, although the audience cannot see who it is coming from as the camera stays on the being watching the news. The voice declares confidently, "Sir, we should strike now, the humans won't be able to defend themselves after almost being destroyed by Thanos. We shall finish the beasts with ease!"

The shady figure, obviously annoyed by his follower's arrogance, calmy asks, "You doubt them? Have you so easily forgotten that these 'beasts' as you call them, took down Thanos and the God-like powers of the Gauntlet?"

The voice's tone turns from arrogance to sheer panick and he begins to ramble, "no sir, I have not forgotten, I just think..."

The shady figure turns around and erupts in anger,"You don't think, you follow!" This is when the audience gets a first look at the alien's face and it is seen that all his skin is green and scale-like.. Though the audience might not know it, this is Paibok the Power Skrull!

Nice looking guy!
Nice looking guy!

After a brief silence the source of the voice is revealed as another, smaller Skrull. He whimpers,"Of course Sir Paibok. What is it that you command?"

The camera then gives a full look at Paibok as he stands at over 6 feet tall and is wearing light, advanced body armor. It is clear that the two Skrulls are in a spaceship as out of a glass window that covers an entire wall in the background, an unknown planet can be seen. Paibok gives his lesser Skrull a steely look and with a sharp tone declares, "we will not win a war against the humans with just brute force, no. They have proven themselves to great a foe for that approach."

Paibok then slowly begins to make his way to the window and looks on into space, "we shall win the Earth only one way, an invasion." The camera zooms out to show Paibok's whole body beginning to change; his armor turns blue and eventually it is notably that his body armour has transformed into the costume of Captain America! Paibok's face turns from green to pale pink and thick, blonde hair sprouts from his head.

Paibok then turns his head so he looks directly into the camera, and to the audience's surprise he is wearing the face of Captain America as well as his clothes! He starts to smirk and repeats, "an invasion" in Steve Rodgers' voice. The camera again zooms in on his face and his evil grin grows wider, at last, looking directly at the audience, he whispers, "and it will be our secret."

Screen cuts out....

Who wants Secret Invasion?
Who wants Secret Invasion?

The reason I chose this end credit scene is because I would love an on screen Secret Invasion!! It would be amazing to see how the Avengers would deal with being ripped apart by the paranoia and deceit that Secret Invasion would bring.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my End Credit Scene!


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