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When I first saw the trailer for this film, I thought, "Not another Melissa McCarthy movie." However, when I saw the film, I was actually pleased, but not by Melissa McCarthy.

No offense to Melissa McCarthy but I am not a fan of her work. She has the potential to be funny, but she's never really made me laugh in any of her movies. That stereotype of a woman who just curses a lot and gets angry saying funny things have never been my type of humor and it's shown in the film. The lines of Melissa McCarthy felt dry and ultimately unfunny to me. I will admit that there were about two lines from her that actually made me laugh.

What makes this film funny and good is the supporting cast. Most of the supporting cast play a parody of famous James Bond characters.There is a character named Victor who is nothing more than a parody of Q and he actually made me laugh.

Jude Law plays the suave agent who always happens to get his way (when he's not sneezing). Jude Law did well; I felt his job was to basically play a parody of James Bond and he accomplished that.

Then their is Miranda Hart, a woman I have never heard, but will start paying more attention to. She played the best friend of McCarthy's characters being the boring old person sitting behind the computer getting no action. Her lines, although odd, are actually funny by the timing and the way she delivers them. She's the parody of Moneypenny and it was quite fun to watch.

Rose Byrne had some lines that were hit and miss for me but she plays the antagonist. She looks and plays like a Bond Girl from her attitude, to the henchmen, to even the way she dresses.

We also have Allison Janney who plays the no nonsense boss of the CIA, with no sense of humor. Reminds me of Judi Dench's outstanding performance in the Bond films. We also have Jason Statham who absolutely stole the show for me. I had no idea he could do comedy and every line out of his mouth just made me laugh. He played the badass spy who went rogue to do his own mission. Just when I thought I got tired of him.

Peter Serafinowicz even makes the movie playing a sex-crazed agent who delivers a good laugh every now and then. Morena Baccarin even in the film bu her role is a waste as she is only in two scenes.

In term's of ratings, you can see it above, but everyone has a different taste in comedy so I still recommend you see it and hope you have a great time. I'll let you be the judge and see if you like the film or not.

Spy is in theaters now!

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