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Groetsch Entertainment is at it again, determined to change the world, one movie at a time. The company has recently launched a campaign to build a full scale functioning movie studio. However, this studio won't be like any others in the world, with it's purpose not only to entertain the world, but to also help change the world in the process.


Plans are to also develop large complexes adjacent to the studio that will specifically be designed for two amazing purposes; to help animals and to continue the battle against cancer.

First is the development of an extensive non-kill animal shelter, which will be supported, financed, and run by the movie studio. Second is for the development of a cancer research center, which will also be supported, financed, and run by the studio.

When asked about such a development, Justin Groetsch, who's been in the film industry for over 15 years, responded "We understand the amount of money we're trying to raise is a lot, and no, we don't plan to raise it all here. But imagine if the campaign went viral, and each person reading donated only a few dollars. The numbers would quickly add up, and if we didn't raise it all, we could definitely raise enough."

With the studio portion of the development being to full scale, including multiple stages, production and office buildings, post labs, backlots and more, the adjacent complexes will include what Justin hopes to be the largest non-kill animal shelter in the world, along with a full functioning cancer research center directly next door.

While a lot of money is required to get the project moving, the amount is only a fraction of the money that could in turn go towards helping animals and further researching a cure for cancer over the next 10, 20, and even 50 years. For example, if such a studio was to pull in billions of dollars in the coming decades and beyond, that means hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars going towards fighting the battle against cancer, as well as saving and helping countless animals for decades as well.

The company has no intentions of giving up. When asked why he wants to do this, Justin said, "Money is great. Of course everyone loves it, including myself. But we're unable to bring it with us in the end, so why not make a difference while we're here and able to. And that's exactly what I'm intending to do." He continued, "The fact so many people die of cancer each day sickens me. The fact that countless animals are put to sleep or abused each day also sickens me. It's time to end these meaningless deaths, and if I can't eradicate them all, I'd sure like to eradicate as many as possible."


While Groetsch Entertainment has a few of its own movies currently in development, the company has a lot of plans for its future, stating this is only the beginning of much to come.

As for Mr. Groetsch working in the industry for over 15 years and counting, he's previously been on several dozen movies and television shows including Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Deja vu, Fantastic Four, and numerous others. He's currently about to finish up work on the reboot of Scream, the popular slasher film from the '90s.


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"This isn't only a studio. This is a way to help change the world."


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