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Marvel seems to be narrowing the feel down for the MCU Spider-Man. Since Marvel and Sony have join forces, the reboot for the friendly neighborhood super hero has been quiet, but it certainly has been one that has worth discussing. Over the past few months, the studios have been trying to figure out just who should dawn the red and blue tights. Several names have been suggested to play the role of Peter Parker. Yet after several actors trying out for the role, there seems to be two names that are being highly considered. The candidates Tom Holland (The Impossible) and Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game). The two British actors have been at each other heels for sometime now and both seem to be highly regarded to play Spider-Man. However, if I had to decide on which of these two actors should play the wall crawler, I would have to go with Asa Butterfield. It is nothing personal against Tom Holland as I would wish him the best of luck if he is chosen to play Spider-Man. Yet as of right now, I think there are a lot of factors that could work to Asa's advantage, and I feel those elements could make the perfect choice to play Spider-Man.


I think when casting Spider-Man, you need to consider the physical look of Peter Parker. Spider-Man needs to create the illusion that the man under the mask is in fact a grown man when truthfully he is still a teenager (well in this case he will be a teenager). To do this, you need someone who is tall and has a lanky built. While I am not familiar with Asa's body structure, I have learned that the young actor's height is about 5'11 to 6'0. That height range could definitely work for this new wall crawler as it would indeed create the illusion that Spider-Man is an "adult".

Acting Range

To be fair, I have not Tom Holland's work so I cannot say if his range would work for Spider-Man. However I have seen Asa's acting so it is easier for me to see him in a role like Spider-Man. However could Butterfield in fact play Spider-Man? Playing the role of Peter Parker is not as easy as some are led to believe. Yes Peter Parker is a nerd and he is awkward in situations. However he is also sarcastic and charismatic; and even though he is known for his witty humor, Spider-Man can be serious when he needs to be. When it comes to a witting sense of humor, I cannot say that I have seen Asa show that sense of charisma. However there are some elements in Asa's acting ability that could work for this character. He has shown that he can be a likable character in Hugo and he has shown his serious side in the film Ender's Game. So while I cannot say he as all the qualifications, Asa does have some range that could be fitting to play Spider-Man.


When the casting for Spider-Man started, I felt that the actor playing the character needed to be someone with experience. I felt that even though a younger actor would be playing the role of Peter Parker, it needed to be someone that moviegoers are familiar with. I think Asa fits this element perfectly. Though I know him from Hugo and Ender's Game, he still has two major releases under his belt. Not only do I think Asa's name is someone that general audiences will recognize, but I think Asa would be comfortable in a film like Spider-Man as he as been in blockbusters before. Then again if Tom Holland is selected to play Spider-Man, then that is another matter entirely. Though he does not have the experience as Asa Butterfield, being cast as Spider-Man would certainly kick start Holland's career. However i still feel that Butterfield's experience will give him the edge in being cast as Spider-Man.

This casting of Spider-Man is still up in the air. The role could easily go to Butterfield as it could to Tom Holland. Then again it may go to someone else. However, if this situation remains as it is, then I think that Asa Butterfield is the right choice to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The young actor has the credentials to be the a great choice in playing the wall crawler, and it would definitely be a beneficial move in his career. However whether the role goes to Butterfield or Holland, one thing is clear to me: another British actor will be playing your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Is that a problem? Absolutely not!


Do you think Asa Butterfield should play Spider-Man?


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