ByRyan Danger Dunbrack, writer at
Ryan Danger Dunbrack

James Cameron has been hard at work, writing THREE SEQUELS to Avatar and it makes sense based on it being the highest grossing movie ever made. The studio wants a lot of sequels, but not to Cameron's wishes he now has a 5th script.

Now you might be thinking, how the hell does he "accidentally" have a fifth script and to that I say, there's that much plot. The next three Avatar sequels, which by the way are scheduled to come out one year after each other staring 2017. Are all laid out so they feel like one big multi-part sequel to Avatar.

Which is insane, one movie and then three movies making one sequel. But this is necessary considering people involved with the movie told an interviewer that there's enough material to make a fifth film and that Cameron's work right now is compressing that down into just four movies.

Holy shit, that's so much it's insane like this is crazy that he is currently scripting three movies and suddenly a fourth shows up. Too be fair Avatar was just supposed to be one movie and a sequel but that sequel is so large it's being expanded into three movies.

What do you guys think, are you going to see all these Avatar sequels and is 5 Avatar movies already planned too much? Eight years between the first and second and then one year between the next three.


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