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One of the biggest franchises today is Suzanne Collins' masterpiece The Hunger Games. The books and the movies were a huge hit, and it's pretty difficult to find someone who doesn't know who Katniss and Peeta are.

Not to long ago, I was strolling through the internet when I found an awesome Hunger Games simulator on, where you can enter in your own tributes and see how everyone would fare in an all-out free-for-all.

After acquiring twenty-four willing volunteers from the Moviepilot Creators Facebook page, I decided to see which Creator would triumph in a battle to the death. But before we get to all the killing and hiding and such, let's meet the tributes from the twelve districts of Moviepilot:

(Disclaimer: I did not in any way choose the outcome of this simulation. Every event was randomly generated by the website.)

Now it's time for the fun stuff... Let the bloodbath begin!

As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

Bridget, Thomas, and Cassie all run away from the Cornucopia. Shadan grabs a backpack and retreats as well.

Luis grabs a bow and shoots an arrow at Dana. He misses, and instead the arrow strikes and kills Christian.

Jonah, Ian, Nick, and Christina all run away from the Cornucopia empty-handed, while Bryce finds a canteen full of water.

Reid grabs a mace, but Adonis is able to rip it out of his hands.

Alisha and James both run away, while Josh finds a canteen full of water and Parris finds a bag full of explosives.

Will lingers a bit before Richie scares him away.

Craig, Andrew, Sam, and Daniel all share their findings before they run as well.

I honestly figured that the Bloodbath would be a lot bloodier than that, but it seem that Christian was the first and only one to go (sorry about that man). It seems Luis and Adonis are each armed, and a few others have a few supplies as well. The Career tributes didn't stick together as was expected, but an alliance has been formed by Craig, Andrew, Sam and Daniel.

Day 1

Josh finds a nice quiet place and thinks about home.

Bryce is surprised to see that he immediately received medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. James receives a sponsor package as well, and he is delighted to find that it is a hatchet.

As Richie started to search for his first kill, Andrew caught him off guard and lodged a knife into his head.

Ian finds Dana alone in the woods and chases after her.

Luis and Craig started to work together, but they split up to look for resources. Jonah and Shadan also decide to work together.

Bridget is able to see smoke rising in the distance, but she doesn't investigate.

Will feels confident that he is alone, but Christina tracks him down and kills him.

Adonis finds Parris and starts a chase. Unfortunately, Parris sprains his ankle as he escapes.

Thomas decides to explore the arena as Daniel goes off and picks flowers.

The Careers (Alisha, Reid, Cassie, and Nick) induct Sam into their group as they start hunting down other tributes.

There are three cannon blasts heard that night..

Night 1

Several sponsor packages fall from the sky. Ian and Nick both receive fresh food and Alisha receives an explosive.

Alliances get scattered, and Reid meets up with Craig. They play nice and swap stories about their lives before the Games.

Shadan and Bryce also meet up, but they decide on a truce.

Bridget and Andrew meet up, but they are not so friendly. They instantly start to fight each other, and Bridget wins. However, she doesn't feel like she can kill someone, so she spares Andrew's life.

Christina, Thomas, and Luis all get lost in the woods and they lose sight of where they are.

Cassie sees fire off in the distance, but since the Careers broke up, she decides not to go check it out quite yet. Josh also has issues with fire. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't seem to get one started.

Sam quietly hums, but stops when he realizes that others may be able to hear him.

Daniel starts to feel confident, and he thinks about how his life will change.

As the sun starts to go down, Adonis climbs a tree to rest. James, Parris, Jonah, and Dana team up and sleep in shifts, always looking out for intruders,

Day 2

While Nick is sleeping, Adonis creeps up and steals from him before slinking away.

After suffering a humiliating defeat, Andrew finds Dana and begs her to kill him. She cannot bring herself to do it.

Christina gets a few wounds out in the woods, but when she finds Cassie, she tends to the wounds for her.

Alisha, Shadan, Daniel and Bridget all raid Josh's camp while he's out hunting.

More sponsor packages arrive. Luis and Thomas both get explosives, Bryce gets medical supplies, and Reid receives fresh food.

James and Jonah both look for food. Jonah uses a trident that he found to try and catch fish, and James eats some berries that turn out to be toxic.

Parris and Craig decide to work together.

Ian sees smoke off in the distance, but he decides not to investigate.

Sam camouflages himself in some bushes to try and avoid detection.

There is one cannon blast heard that night...

Night 2

Reid finally tracks down Craig, and he manages to kill him with a sickle.

Christina, Parris, Jonah, and Dana each sleep in shifts.

Adonis and Sam both quietly hum for some reason, and Nick tries to sing himself to sleep.

Shadan finds Andrew and feels pity towards him and tends to his wounds after Dana refused to kill him.

The wilderness turns out to be hostile, as Daniel falls into a pit to his death and Bridget meets the same fate with a frozen lake.

Cassie and Thomas meet up and sleep in shifts.

Three more sponsor packages show up. Alisha and Josh get clean water, while Bryce gets an explosive.

Luis is woken from his sleep by nightmares, and Ian starts to feel better about his chances and starts to think about winning.

Day 3

Since all of his food was stolen, Nick suddenly died of hunger.

Thomas, Alisha, and Reid all prepare for battle. Thomas makes a wooden spear and Reid and Alisha both practice archery.

Parris spots Bryce and chases after him, as Adonis does the same to Luis. Josh tries to jump Ian, but Ian is able to scare him away. Instead of chasing, Shadan quietly stalks Andrew.

Cassie suffers a few minor wounds, but Dana patches her right up.

Christina hikes to higher ground.

Jonah and Sam find each other and decide to work together for the day.

Four cannon blasts are heard that night...

Night 3

Christina, Andrew, and Shadan all try to start fires, but none of them are successful.

Ian and Thomas attack each other and they end up both dying from their wounds.

Luis gets an infection, and he struggles to fight it off.

Parris steals Alisha's weapon and kills her with it before escaping.

While Adonis is sleeping, Josh shows up and destroys his supplies.

Reid questions Cassie's loyalty and shoots an arrow through her head.

Bryce receives an explosive from a sponsor.

Dana, Sam, and Jonah all sit quietly and think. Sam starts to question his sanity.

Day 4

Reid and Bryce both injure themselves in the wilderness.

Adonis finds Shadan and attacked him, but Shadan was able to escape.

Christina tracks down Dana and murders her with a hatchet.

Andrew hides himself in the bushes and attempt to camouflage himself as best as he can.

As Jonah creeps along, he can hear Sam and Parris talking in the distance.

Luis searches for firewood while Josh starts to hunt down the remaining tributes.

Five cannon blasts are heard that night...

Night 4

Christina, Josh, Jonah, Andrew, and Sam decide to form a majority alliance and they sleep in shifts.

Bryce and Reid both sleep alone, but Reid is woken up by nightmares.

Adonis, Parris, and Luis band together to hunt down and kill Shadan.

Day 5

Parris attempts to betray Adonis, but Adonis escapes.

Andrew chases after Sam, and Josh chases after Bryce, but Bryce scares him off.

Reid ignores smoke that he can see in the distance.

Luis discovers a cave, and Christina sits alone and ponders her sanity.

Jonah tries to catch fish.

There is one cannon blast that night...

Night 5

Reid finally snaps and starts yelling for help.

Andrew, Bryce, and Josh all get into a fight, but Andrew swiftly kills them both.

Christina and Adonis team up and tell each other stories about their lives.

Parris, Sam, and Luis team up and sleep in shifts.

Jonah receives a hatchet from a sponsor.

The Feast

The Cornucopia is replenished with supplies and memoirs from the tributes' families.

Adonis decides not to go, so him and Christina part ways. When she arrives, she finds Reid and overpowers him, killing him quickly.

Sam and Parris get into a fight over some meat but Sam quickly gives up.

Jonah destroys Andrew's memoir out of spite when he sees it.

Luis goes towards the Cornucopia, but falls into a pit and dies.

Day 6

Parris ambushes Jonah, but Jonah escapes.

Christina practices her archery while Adonis hunts for other tributes.

Andrew doesn't want to live anymore, and he begs Sam to kill him. Sam refuses.

Four cannon shots can be heard that night...

Night 6

Christina and Adonis huddle for warmth.

Andrew gets dome clean water from a sponsor.

While Sam sleeps, Parris destroys his supplies.

Jonah cooks some food and replenishes himself before putting the fire out.

Day 7

Andrew finds Adonis and Adonis tries to convince him not to kill him, but he is unsuccessful.

Sam, Parris, and Christina all star hunting for the remaining tributes.

Jonah gets some medical supplies from a sponsor.

A single cannon blast can be heard that night...

Night 7

Andrew finds Jonah and kills him quickly.

Christina starts to feel homesick.

Parris poisons Sam's water, but then gets the his own water mixed up. Parris accidentally drinks the poisoned water and dies.

Day 8

Christina picks some berries and gets pricked by a thorn.

Sam tricks Andrew and kills him.

Two cannon blasts are heard that night...

Night 8

Knowing that they are the only two left, Christina and Sam face off, and Christina manages to slice Sam open with a sword.

And the winner is...


Good job to everyone who participated. Some of you fought valiantly. Some of you didn't. Either way, we all managed to kill each other until Christina came out on top. So... yay!

If you Creators liked reading this and you want to participate in the next round of games, let me know and I'll make a second round! And for any of you non-Creators who want to participate, become a Creator today!

Special thanks to Adonis Gonzalez for making the header image. I was rooting for you to win the whole time buddy!

If you guys want to simulate your own Hunger Games, make sure to visit!


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