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Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a movie or TV universe? Have you ever wondered how great it would be? Well, if you do pick one to live in, maybe you shouldn’t pick any of these. These movie or TV universes might not be so great to live in when you think about it.


Living in any Horror movie would really suck. Imagine living in a universe where you could die in a dream and never wake up again. Imagine hearing a sound behind you, turn to find nothing there, and get a machete to the face when you turn back around. Imagine being chased by a murderous clown, zombie, psycho, or any other horror movie figure you can think of.

Not only could you be the target of one of them, you could die just by being somewhere you weren't supposed to be, being their "practice kill", being related to or being a friend of the intended victim, but you could be an innocent bystander. Much like how anyone in any horror movie ever has died, by living in the same universe, you could suffer any one of their fates and that would suck.

2. "Elysium"

I have not seen the movie but I know the basic parts to the movie. The rich are living up at so-and-so elevation and they are healthy as a newborn baby. The poor live on the ground and are basically sentenced to die because they are poor. There is no official system or governmental program in place to help them. There are of course "rebel" groups that help the poor secretly but life still isn't well.

The majority of people here in America identify as middle-class and/or lower. Therefore, most would be on the ground in that universe. That would not go well for so many of us. The universe would be horrible and it would suck to live in that universe.

3. "The X-Files"

Remember the theme song? That was a good show. However, knowing that aliens exist and that very few people can do anything about it, would be horrifying. Anyone of us could be abducted and subjected to anything they want. The government knows about them but continues to deny them and has actually disbanded the group that handles the "extraterrestrial" cases they come across.

Imagine being killed by an alien with tentacles, multiple eyes, and looks like a wolf. Imagine an alien taking over your life, your body, your mind. That would not be cool. However, some people would be x-files agents and get to handle the coolest cases. That might make it worth it, if the odds were 50-50 for someone to be either an agent or a victim that is.

4. "Supernatural"

Sam and Dean have been through so much over the years. They have both been to Hell and back. They've been to Heaven and back. They fought demons, ghosts, witches, and more powerful things than those. However, think of how much they have suffered.

If that was the universe we lived in, all of those things would be real and not many of us would even know about it. The world would have almost ended so many times but saved by Sam and Dean and we wouldn't have known about it. We would either be killed, demons, ghosts, or in purgatory. When they showed all those people waiting in line and getting to the end just to go back to the beginning of the line again ... I could not stand that.

5. The "Terminator" Movie Trilogy

Machines will rise up and take over the Earth. One person will be born and save humanity when the time comes. The world is ravaged by war and bodies from both sides lie everywhere. Somebody travels back in time to protect the savior and ultimately prevails.

The world ends up being saved, but the war takes it's toll on everyone and everything involved. That universe means a lot of death which none of us would want. However, many people think the machines will rise up anyway, but I think it is unlikely. If it was going to happen, I think it would have happened already in all honesty. In a universe where one person ends up being the savior while the rest are either dead, soldiers, or expendable, I would really not want to live in that kind of a universe. It would suck and be very terrible for everyone.


What universe(s) would you WANT to live in or do you think would be potentially the coolest?


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