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Before I start, I have to come clean. I am not a professional when it comes to movies. If you take a minute to look at my profile, you'll see that I am more of a game professional. Although who doesn't like a good movie every now and again? Even as a novice moviegoer, the success of Marvel's movies has been clearly evident. It was obvious that a worldwide sensation was beginning to form when Robert Downey Junior's career was reinvigorated through the release of Iron Man. Since then, saying that the Marvel super hero movies have been successful would be quite a large understatement. Now that the MCU is a household term, DC is wanting to get in on the action. But can it truly compete with the movies that have appealed to hardcore comic fans and general movie audiences alike?

Yes, and it will do it gloriously.

If the trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was anything to go on, it's clear that DC is attempting to set up a darker tone than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you have ever seen one of the more recent Marvel movies, you'll notice that between the action packed fight scenes are hidden Easter eggs alluding to other movies, humorous commentary between characters, and the usual hidden appearance by Stan Lee himself. With this new trailer for Batman vs. Superman, there is clearly a much more somber and serious tone. If this is in fact the tone that DC is shooting for with these movies, I definitely think that there is a niche for a more serious take on comic book based movies.

When it comes to comic books, I personally have always had trouble "getting into" a certain series or volume. That being said, one of my favorite comic series to read is Marvel Zombies. From my personal experiences, it seems that comic heroes seem to give off a witty, sometimes even playful, tone. With these Marvel Zombies issues, the reader gets a distinctly eerie and chilling vibe. This is exactly the type of niche that I expect the DC Cinematic Universe is going to attempt to fill. Moviegoers are trained to expect super hero movies to satisfy multiple pallets. Fight scenes fill the need for action fans. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, moviegoers were pleased to see the outline of a relationship form between *spoiler* Black Widow and Bruce Banner. Unfortunately, when it comes to "creepy" scenes that might frighten the audience, the MCU tends to leave something to be desired.

If the DC Cinematic Universe can successfully establish itself as the "hardcore" or "serious" name in super hero movies, then it might just be able to thrive alongside Marvel. At the end of the day, we are just going to have to hold out and watch the events unfold as various DC movies come to theaters over the next several years. One thing is certain, comic fans and movie goers are in for a real treat with the newly emerging DC Cinematic Universe.


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