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Fans of 2010 Tangled can rejoice, Disney has officially announced that Rapunzel and Flynn will be coming to the Disney Channel in 2017 in a brand new animated series.

Disney will bring on composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater, who both worked on the film adaptation. Joining them will be Chris Sonnenburg, who will serve as supervising director and Shane Prigmore, who will be co-executive producer and creative director.

For those wondering who will star, don't worry. Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore are planning on reprising their roles.

Gary Marsh, president of Disney Channel Worldwide, had this to say about the series

The genius of the original was it's seamless blending of cinematic adventure, character-driven comedy and touching emotion. And we are fortunate enough to have several of the creative talent from that movie on board with this new production. With the addition of Chris and Shane as executive producers, we have the perfect team in place to create a series worthy of the original film.

Tangled, the series,will be following much in the same vein as the Aladdin TV series did before it in the 90s. It takes place between Tangled and it's animated short follow up Tangled: Ever After. It will follow Rapunzel as she gets reacquainted with her parents, learns about life outside of the tower, and gets to know her kingdom as well as its people. Many familiar faces will be joining in her adventures, including Flynn, the thugs, and Pascal. The show will also introduce a new character named Cassandra, a handmaiden who will become Rapunzel's confidante.

As a huge fan of the movie, this news definitely made me happy. I feel like I've found my new dream and it came true.



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