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Richard Sherman: "Oh no. Not today".

The story to The Seven Year Itch is about a New Yorker Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) ships his wife, Helen (Evelyn Keyes), and their son off to Maine for vacation. Left alone to work back in Manhattan, Richard encounters a gorgeous blonde model (Marilyn Monroe) who has moved into the apartment upstairs, and becomes immediately infatuated. While pondering infidelity, Richard dreams of his beautiful new neighbor -- but will his fantasies about her become a reality?

I couple of days ago it just came to me that I haven't seen any movies starring the icon herself Marilyn Monroe. I mean wow how can I go through life without seeing the most ionic actress of all time on the screen showing her brilliance in front of my eyes, but I rather waste my time watching garbage Hollywood movies release today and I know I can skip them and already skipped some movies that I had zone interest in, but for the bad movies from this year will be in my worst movies of 2015 list which is coming out at the end of December, because if your going to make the best list of the year you got to have the worse as well. But anywhere I'm only seeing these classic one by one, because it's all about perfect timing to watch them if I'm in the kind of mood to watching them, but after noticing that I haven't seen any Marilyn Monroe films so I quickly went to watch one of her films and I picked this movie and it was a good pick.

Tom Ewell who plays the love himself thinking he can get any women he likes kind of guy and he was a funny character. Tom really played he's character really well as he made his character likability and understandable. He had great line delivers and in a way he's a bit like some men out there that can't get a date and think that every women wants them, and I think a lot of people can relate to that by the character and Tom Ewell great performance.

Now let's talk about the great beauty herself, Marilyn Monroe and by the first sentence of "Hi", I already liked her. This is my first movie that I've seen starring Monroe and this is a performance worth waiting for because she was so adorable and just unforgettable and as I said before her first ever sentence won me over just like that. Marilyn Monroe gave a brilliant performance that I'm going to check out her other movies pretty soon. Nicely done Marilyn.

The chemistry between Monroe and Ewell was spot on perfect. Both of them had great scenes together that made them look like the perfect couple that some people wish for. I think it's something to do with the writing and the actors themselves as they the ones one pulled it off and made it worked, so I give the actors credit for that.

The comedy was good, the directing was great and extremely well done, the character's & actors made the chemistry funny and watchable.

Now for problems: This movie was release in the 50's and yeah I know the 50's can have it's goofy judging by the movie that was release at that time and I'm mostly given for that, but this movie takes it up the walls, I mean these a scene where Tom Ewell character has day dreams of women falling for him and that scene alone took me out a little bit as it was like the movie was trying to push the message into me face saying "Look he loves himself and he's kind of lonely, isn't that just sad, or just look at that". I already got the message that this guy is lonely as he talks to himself maybe to the fact that he's been alone for a while, but beside that nick pick I still enjoyed the movie.

Overall The Seven Year Itch in my opinion is a good comedy as the acting and character's made the movie want it is.


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