ByJonathan Temertzoglou, writer at
Jonathan Temertzoglou

A break in the credits shows the daily bugle in New York City. The screen fades to the inside of J. Jonah Jameson's office (played by Jk Simmons) with him reading a newspaper that has the headline: "Avengers saves thousands but destroys entire country." Jj then proceeds to rant about how the world is better with the avengers around: "The world is safer with this team of superheroes, if only they would take care of the problem I have here with that menace!" In his rage Jj throws the newspaper out the window and it lands in an alley way on the ground.

After a few seconds a web strand quickly picks the newspaper off the ground. The camera pans up to Spider-Man reading the newspaper as he says: "I wonder if they're hiring?" As the screen cuts to black with both the Marvel and Sony logo appearing side by side.

I feel that this would have made a much better after credit scene than the one we saw with Thanos at the end of Age of Ultron, although it was a pretty cool scene this will have been the third time we've seen him in a Marvel movie and the second time we've seen him in an after credit scene to tease his coming. Putting Spider man in the end credit scene might have also brought a lot of people (who don't follow comic book movie news) up to speed about the deal between Marvel and Sony.


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