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How often have you heard the phrase childhood ruined coming from someone after a remake of a movie? or a new version of a childhood cartoon comes out? I`d be willing to bet that you've heard it an awful lot.

I myself have used this phrase, but now that I've thought about it a bit I realize that nothing can ruin your childhood. You childhood is a memory, not a thing or a place that can be ruined. I have said on numerous occasions that Michael Bay had ruined my childhood. If that was true which time that I said it was the moment that he ruined my childhood? Was it the first time that I said it? Was he a part of my childhood and actually made it miserable for me?

Well in my case he was not a part of my childhood. I still believe that Michael Bay is the worst thing to happen to my childhood memories. I grew up watching the first gen transformers Re-runs, He-man re-runs, and teenage mutant hero turtles. Michael Bay has taken two of those things and turned them into Bockbuster live action Rubbish. Michael Bay is a master cinematographer or movie maker, however that does not mean that his movies are good, it just means that the man knows how to make a movie look good. But he wouldn't know a good story if it walked up and kicked him.

I`m not trying to pick on Bay but he is the one that has made me say that my childhood was ruined more than any other person. When I was a kid Bumblebee had a voice and was a Volkswagen Beetle, now his vehicle form looks way cooler in Michael Bay`s hands but the man has no sense of continuity. In the first Transformers movie that he made we found that Bumblebee lost his voice in combat and that the Autobots had been unable to fix it so far. Then at the end of the movie we finally hear his voice after Ratchet finally repairs his Voice synthesizer or whatever it is. Then in the much anticipated sequel we find his voice is gone again and no explanation.

Why bother giving him a voice if your going to retcon your own movies? I don't want to go into details about the TMNT movie he did because I have not been able to watch it. I've watched a tonne of movies that were really bad but Michael Bay has not excuses for it. If you asked me to watch another Transformers Movie by him I would counter that by asking you to watch Howard the Duck with me instead because at least then its a movie I know we`ll all regret watching and we won't be funding that mans latest SFX demo.


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