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As I get older, I tend to forget a lot things. Dates and names become elusive memories that I try very hard to hold on to. Some people might tell you that the lack of certain nutrients in your diet might be the cause of it. And although I agree with them to certain extend, I have found that most of us choose purposely to forget what is less important, or less meaningful. The memories that we certainly do not forget, are those of better times and better days. Days when life is full of joy, full of hope and full of dreams. And if there are days like that in our lives, you certainly have to look back to the times of your childhood.

As a child, I was in awe of Todd McFarlane. He did not only draw my favorite character in comics, he broke all the conventional rules and made the already legendary comic book his own. His art was cartoony, it was irreverent and it was extremely illogical; but it was also full of raw power and kinetic energy. It was a fresh approach, and clearly one that nobody, and I mean nobody, witnessed before. David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane did not only took the industry by storm, they changed comics forever.

ASP #316. Who can forget this classic?
ASP #316. Who can forget this classic?

Well, If you want to know more about this gorgeous collection book, I invite you to check my video review. I give you a warning though. You may get sucked in into an era of puffy hairdos, funky clothes and lively colors called the 90's. But do not worry; I am here with you. I will help you find your way back home. This is just a trip back down memory lane.


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