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In 2012, the Sony owned Spider-Man franchise was rebooted, just 5 years after the original Sam Raimi trilogy was finished. The Amazing Spider-Man, grossing $752 Million, and starring Andrew Garfield as the titular web slinger, was very well received by critics and audiences around the world. He quickly made the roll his own by separating himself from Maguire's portrayal and giving Spider-Man a more modern, realistic feel helped in setting up the Cinematic Universe for Spidey. With a very talented ensemble cast including Academy Award Winners Jamie Foxx and Sally Field, Academy Award Nominee Paul Giamatti, Emma Stone, Dane Deehan, and a few more returners from the previous film, it's easy to say that TASM2 doesn't fall short in the category of Star Power. The amazing chemistry between Stone and Garfield is definitely the high point of the film. When these two are on screen together, you don't want to turn away. Foxx gives a stellar performance as the film's primary antagonist. He gives amazing depth to his character and gives the Web Slinger quite a bit of trouble. The relationship between Osborne and Parker is one that definitely shows more emotion than that of the Maguire/Franco portrayal from the Sam Raimi films. Over the course of the film, we're introduced to countless villains and thrust back into Parker's life. Character development is a bit of a problem throughout the film. The film's plot seems to become tangled within the different story arc's of each villain. And it seems that Director Marc Webb was more focused on moving the franchise forward with setting up for the next installments than being focused on the task at hand. Although, it is very smart to look to the future and make sure everything is just right for the next chapters, it seemed as though he's more concerned with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4. The movie is very quickly paced and is filled with very well performed stunts in the numerous amazing action sequences. At times that the film feels a bit shady, the wonderful acting chops of Garfield save the day and make you want more. At the end of the day, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man delivers an entertaining second installment for the Web-Slinger. Thought, at times it seems as if some things are missing.


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