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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

When the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer was released a while back, one scene in particular stood out to most Batman fans. A scene depicting Batman standing above Gotham with what seemed to be a Sniper Rifle at hand. Being that Batman and guns don't exactly go hand and hand this was a bit of a shock. As it turns out, it wasn't exactly a sniper rifle but a secret weapon that Batman will use to try and defeat Superman!

A Kryptonite-Laced Spear!

We all know that Batman's new suit is laced with Kryptonite, the one substance that can defeat Superman. Well reportedly Batman will be wielding a Spear that is also Laced with Kryptonite! We all know Batman can not defeat Superman without the use of his technology, so will this be the way Batman defeats Superman?

Neither Superman or Batman will likely die in this film, but with the use of all these Kryptonite laced gadgets Superman is going to have a tough time. The idea of a Spear piercing through Superman's chest, weakening him due to the Kryptonite is just crazy! I love what DC has been doing with this film so far and my excitement continues to grow daily!

How do you think Batman will try to Defeat Superman? Do you think he will use the Spear? Let me know down below in the Comments!


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