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Ian M. Simpson

Greetings ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the second annual Moviepilot Hunger Games! After the success (and massive carnage) of the first set of games, I received many requests for another set of games. Many fallen tributes wanted redemption, and many new tributes wanted their shot in the arena.

Panem is happy to oblige to your blood-lust loyal citizens, and this time we managed to attain the help of MP Hunger Games veteran Nick Reilly to provide commentary on this historic event. Before the event starts, allow me to give you a rundown of the twenty-four tributes and the twelve districts that they represent.

Now, let the 2nd annual Moviepilot Hunger Games... BEGIN!

Congrats to the winner! Let me know in the comments if you would like to participate in the next round!

A special thanks to Nick Reilly for putting in the time and effort to make the commentary. You can check out his work on Moviepilot here:


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