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First of all, let's get most peoples' knee-jerk reaction out of the way: It does graphically look very impressive. The walls in the house have a great level of detail and the dog's mannerisms look very natural. As well as, like I said, everything else just looking good. Though it was disappointing and kind of funny that they showed what a gorgeous, colorful and vibrant game they can make, just to immediately fade it out. I know it shows a transition to happy life to the nuclear "fallout"-tainted world. I just wish they'd put their massive world crafting into something less dull.

I wasn't big on Fallout 3, tried it multiples times but it always just bored me. I can respect the massive scope, crafting system, and theme of solo exploration, but it felt uninspired, bland, and I couldn't get into it. New Vegas showed that you can have a post-apocalyptic world that's still teeming with creativity and charm. The characters are rich with personality and while you can tell the landscape has been horribly ravaged, it still feels like people are trying to push through it and it's slowly building into something resembling the world that came before. As opposed to just either shooting you or blankly staring at you while you ask them unimportant questions. So I had substandard expectations, not caring for 3 and loving New Vegas.

The biggest issue I have with the trailer is its broader scope. It looks more like Fallout 3 HD than a brand new entry. The landscapes look similar, the presumed protagonist (or their bland representation in place of your custom character) is in the vault suit as a totally unnecessary nod to older fans, while taking you completely out of the first-person experience it was providing. You don't get to see much besides how drab and just like the last game the setting is, and that, gasp, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. There's literally one very small almost Midgar looking town (not even a town, like a small town square) with some awkward looking structures and some red, but that's the only glimpse of vibrance in this entire world that we see. Thanks for those twenty color transitions, I was having a hard time piecing that together. The dog nudging the mobile on the crib was a bit feelsy, but that's the only thing that gave and "color" or personality to the world, and it's the least representative of the final product.

Overall, I had very moderate expectations for this game, presuming it would happen, as it was, but this really did nothing for my expectations either way. New Vegas gave me a little hope, but this leaning towards the less creative and more just "atmospheric" (meaning more drab with more busted buildings) of Fallout 3 tempered back that little bit of hope to a completely nonchalant feelings towards this game. I just don't expect to like or want it. I'd love to see something new, within or outside the Fallout series, but I guess if Fallout 3 worked so well, just doing it again is a safer bet. Again, not a whole lot to work off, but it feels painfully similar.

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