ByLuke Casper, writer at

After the movie, Bruce and Kal are going to obviously settle their differences.l and become "friends" life is going to be somewhat normal for Gotham except for one individual (Dick Grayson). After the credits we see a distressed Bruce Wayne sitting in a dark room wearing his full bat armor, but his helmet is off. He is having flashbacks of his parents murder. In his hand is a newspaper. (I know it's old fashioned with a physical newspaper, but this is the same man who lives in a mansion with gargoyle statues). He looks at the newspaper headline which is "Trapeze Accident: Batman Too Late to Save the Flying Graysons" In the picture in the newspaper, we see a little boy in the background of the crime scene. Then we see a Robin fly up the window next to him. This scene is is not only powerful, but foreshadowing for batman fans. Bruce relates himself to this little boy who lost his parents to crime. Even though Dick isn't in the scene, you can physically feel his presence through the Robin that flies up to Bruce's window. This scene symbolizes tradegy and new beginnings and also sets up a kick-ass franchise.


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