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Kory Glover

As we all have probably heard, Ant-Man is rumored to be including content and easter eggs for a future Spider-Man movie. This is my dream post-credit scene and pitch for a future Spider-Man movie.

The credits just ended and we see Spider-Man just swinging through the city. He's swinging, jumping, flipping and doing all kinds of cool tricks for the audience... But then we see that the camera is panning out and we see that Spider-Man is being watched through a sniper scope (or binoculars). The camera turns and we see that it's the Punisher and he just says one line... "I've got you now Web-Head" and the screen goes to black.

This is my dream post-credit scene/pitch for a Spider-Man movie because both Spider-Man and Punisher are two of my favorite comic book characters. Also, this is pretty much how Punisher was introduced into the Marvel Universe, trying to assassinate Spider-Man and it would be a great homage to the comics.


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