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We know that there will be seven members in the DCCU Justice League. And we've seen six casting announcements. I have a feeling that by the time we see Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, we'll see at least a glimpse of our Green Lantern. I've been thinking a little bit about this lately. And let me start off saying that I don't actually hate 2011's Green Lantern movie. I may be in the minority with that. Though, I didn't pay money to see it in the theater, but saw it on Netflix, which doesn't provide much of a risk as a theater. Anywho, back to my thoughts.

It's been reported recently that Chris Pine is in talks to play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman . Previously Pine had been linked to the Green Lantern reboot. Personally I would expect him to have a larger role, such as a star of a reboot, but he's done that a few times now (Star Trek and Jack Ryan). However, another actor was rumored for the role of Steve Trevor before Pine's; Scott Eastwood. Eastwood is set to appear in a-yet-unknown role in Suicide Squad, though we have seen him in military garb, as one portraying Steve Trevor might.

So, my first thought was; if Chris Pine is not playing Green Lantern, but rather Steve Trevor, then who is Scott Eastwood playing if he won't be Trevor? Could their characters have been flipped; Pine as Trevor, and Eastwood as Green Lantern? Hal Jordan's Green Lantern was a test pilot, and we've seen Eastwood in Army attire, as was mentioned. The thought occurred that Zach Snyder may take liberties with characters and their back stories, as we've seen thus far with Man of Steel.

Scott Eastwood in Suicide Squad
Scott Eastwood in Suicide Squad

Again, going back to a previous rumor, it was suggested that an actor named Dan Amboyer might be playing Hal Jordan. This is largely due to Amboyer's physical resemblance to the character and that his role, according to imdb, is "drone pilot", much more closely related to a pilot as Hal Jordan than Eastwood's army man would suggest.

Dan Amboyer
Dan Amboyer

While checking the imdb page for Batman V Superman, I found a number of non-specific castings or even actors without roles. Notable ones include Scoot McNairy, Callan Mulvey, and Bailey Chase. I love Scoot McNairy , but feel he would seem an odd choice for Green Lantern, and has long been rumored to be playing Jimmy Olsen. However, Bailey Chase is an actor I really enjoy thanks to his role on Longmire. He shows charisma, an amount of self-assuredness, and scene-steal-ability. I would be quite happy to see Chase cast as Hal Jordan.

Bailey Chase
Bailey Chase

Through various rumors, we've heard that Snyder wants an older Green Lantern for the DCCU. Between Chris Pine, Scott Eastwood, Dan Amboyer, and Bailey Chase, I feel that Chase best fits the mold. Not that 43 is older, but I feel that he has the right look (grizzle, maybe?) to play Hal Jordan in the DCCU.

Speaking of Hal Jordan, another previous rumor was that the Green Lantern that we'd see in the DCCU was John Stewart. I don't really have any thoughts regarding that. I'd be absolutely fine with that, and the studio may want to distance themselves slightly from the publically-perceived flop of 2011's Green Lantern. Okay, maybe it wasn't a perceived flop as much as literal, but again, I don't think it's all that bad. It has its problems, but it's kind of fun. That's what you can say about almost every Marvel movie. Not a diss, I just feel that near every movie; DC or Marvel has some redeeming quality despite its flaws. I'm just writing about DC projects at the moment.

Speaking about the gap between Marvel and DC, there is a way to bring it closer. Joss Whedon's contract is done at Marvel, and has expressed interest in working with DC projects. His science-fiction knowledge and writing style would be a perfect fit with Green Lantern. We've heard about the reported "no jokes" rule for the DCCU, but I don't personally believe it. There has to be humor in different parts throughout. Certain characters in the comics have more fun than others. Hal Jordan is one of them. And Joss Whedon's knows how to create humor in a science fiction movie. If it was akin to how Firefly was, I'd be quite pleased.

Well, those are most of my thoughts at the moment.


Who do you want to see portray Hal Jordan?


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