ByBrad Dee, writer at

For years, we have seen a world of DC where Superman has stood for truth, justice and the American way.We have seen a world where Superman must win each and every battle because he is stronger then a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. We have seen a world where everyone loves the Man of Steel because of all the good that he has done for the world and all the lives that he has saved. We have lived in a world where just by putting on a pair of glasses, nobody can ever see the similarities between Superman and Clark Kent. But now, we live in a world where all that has changed. Greg Pak has delivered the opening chapter of a storyline that changes the world of Superman and shows how human he truly can be.

What has happened is up in the air at this point. Superman's identity has been exposed by Lois Lane(as we learned in Divergence). He has lost a majority of his powers. He has been cast out of the Fortress of Solitude like a common criminal. The world has turned against him because they now look at all the damage that was caused by his actions. The government wants him stopped. The people want him back. Enter the world of "Truth", where Superman is not as super as he used to be. Seeing Superman without his full powers and secret identity isn't something I thought I wanted, but Greg Pak is using it to show how Superman and the world deal with it. It's not a pretty picture...but Aaron Kuder's art is. This book looks outstanding and I can recommend it to every Superman fan out there. There is an underlined mystery of this story also as we truly don't know yet what has happened. But, as the weeks move on and continue, we will get more and more of that story. Now, let's be for real. This change will not be forever. Superman has gone through so many changes in the past 25 years, that it's a given that this one will also not stick. But, the highlight of any character is the opening bell as we see if this story has potential. I can say now that it does. Superman is in a very different place right now, and while Superman fans may have trouble transitioning into this story, Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder know what they're doing. We're seeing Superman challenged by things that normally wouldn't be a challenge to him and that is what makes the debut issue of "Truth" exciting. I give this book a 8 out of 10 and am very curious to see what comes next in the story of the future of Superman(or should we just call him "Clark" now).


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