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If there is team that deserves a homage in the pantheon of superheroes, there is no other more worthy than the Fantastic Four. This "fantastic" bunch has contributed to the allure of the Marvel universe more than any other and continues to do so up to this very day.

FF #243 All out war vs Galactus.
FF #243 All out war vs Galactus.

Now, if there is a writer and an artist that deserves the credit for the survival of this comic book, look at no other than John Byrne. Loved and hated, revered and dismissed, those are the adjectives that describe the prolific life work of this great author and penciller. But one thing is for sure, regardless of what type of feelings you have towards Mr. Byrne, there is a sense of awe for all of his accomplishments and for his greater impact to the world of comics.

Here it is The Fantastic Four by John Byrne vol. 1 Omnibus review:


Do you consider Byrne's FF run better than Kirby's?


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