ByC.j. Auld, writer at

So, this 2:00 scene starts off with Kree soldiers invading Earth and reacking havok on New York. We see a close up shot of a Kree, seemingly enjoying this terror. Suddenly, we see Captain America's shield smash him the face. The camera follows his shield as it bounces off of a building wall and back into Cap's arm, but we don't see Cap, just his arm. It then is a fighting sequence, but the whole time, Cap's face is just out of view. When he is done kicking Kree ass for about 30 seconds, we see a Kree on the ground crawling away from Captain America, begging for mercy.

"Who are you?!" He says.

The camera slowly pans from his face to Cap's, reveal that Captain America is no longer Steve Rodgers. It is Bucky Barnes.

"The man on the wall." He says. Whole screen goes black.


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