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The Concept

Many of you Marvel fans out there have probably heard that a Civil War film is in the works, and will be followed by a Doctor Strange film, wherein Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the title role.

As some of you may have heard as well, Martin Freeman, who has played alongside Cumberbatch in the Hobbit Trilogy and the Sherlock series, will be joining the cast of Captain America: Civil War in an undisclosed role. Many have speculated that he could be playing Everett K. Ross, an agent whose job is to keep watch on foreign diplomats. In other words, he could be that guy in the far right.

Martin Freeman may be Everett K. Ross.
Martin Freeman may be Everett K. Ross.

Many would say that the idea of the Superhuman Registration Act would be a very important event for our heroes, so it's safe to say that many upcoming films may discuss the consequences of this event, particularly the soon-to-be released Defenders series in Netflix.

By the way, the reason why I chose a Doctor Strange scene is that as a Sherlock fan, I am excited to hear that both Cumberbatch and Freeman would be encountering each other's characters soon, just like their other films did. That idea also reminded me of a joke which involved Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man meeting Doctor Strange in an awkward manner. Now that's all said and done, here is the post-credits scene!

The Scene (The Doctor is In!)

Just regular Dr. Strange things.
Just regular Dr. Strange things.

The screen is black at first, but then a voice (Robert Downey Jr.) is heard, in a tone that sounds cool and familiar to many...

Tony Stark: That's a pretty good name, Stephen. Can I call you Stephen?

Then the screen finally has color. The camera fades in at several holograms that flood the entire room. Each hologram projects various images of the Daily Bugle's articles regarding various masked vigilantes all-over America, plus a criminal database is also open and various videos and pictures are shown. The camera looms from the far left of the room, and quickly makes its way to the source of the voice, Tony Stark and Dr. Stephen Strange. The camera focuses on the two who are walking in the corridor just adjacent to the room seen earlier.

Captain America may die in his third film!
Captain America may die in his third film!

Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) then said in a monotonic voice...

Stephen Strange: Of course, Tony.

Tony Stark: Boy, Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. That really just made me love magic!

Dr. Strange looked around the room which they entered, with the camera following his direction of sight. With the sight of various holographic images featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage with Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, the Punisher and Blade among other heroes being located, Tony then says...

Tony Stark: Stephen, are you sure you don't want to register? I would really appreciate it.

Iron Man and Dr. Strange may be joining force soon!
Iron Man and Dr. Strange may be joining force soon!

Dr. Strange then looked a little bit disappointed as he scratches his forehead and says in again a monotonic voice...

Stephen Strange: Look, Tony. I know you heroes just want to keep everyone safe, but innocent people are getting hurt. I don't want to join that kind of battle. I am a doctor after all.

Tony sighs for a while and says while he pats Dr. Strange at the back...

Tony Stark: I understand, Stephen. But hopefully you would join us when the time comes for Doctor Strange to help out?

Stephen Strange: Of course, dear friend.

Suddenly, an agent (Martin Freeman) enters the room, carrying various files and folders that are marked as SHIELD property talked to Tony and says in a nerdy and clumsy tone...

Everett Ross: Um, Mr. Stark? I've been relocated to Wakanda, so I'm afraid this a good-bye, and thank you for supporting the act. Oh, and hello Stephen.

Tony becomes albeit surprised that Everett knows Dr. Strange as he walked out of the room.

Tony Stark: Wait, you know that guy?

Stephen Strange: Indeed, he keeps entering the Sanctum Sanctorum and constantly asks me for some "help".

Tony Stark: You know, for a minute there, I thought you two were like best-friends, in a Sherlock and Watson kind of way.

Everett heard the conversation and said loudly...

Everett Ross: You don't say, Sherlock!

The scene ends with Tony and Dr. Strange, with the camera closing in the two of them, looking at each other in confusion and slight joy. As the scene fades to black, a line appears saying...

"Doctor Strange, Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko"


So, what do you guys think?


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