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I love everything about DC, and Marvel (maybe)
Juan Miguel Calcaño

First let me introduce myself, i'm a web developer, but first i'm a comic lover, i love DC, some times Marvel too. English is my kryptonite but i will try to survive here.

Did you know that "maybe" the Royal Flush Gang is fighting Batman or Superman or both?

Most [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) attention is pointing to Riddel question mark, Aphrodite graffitti or Enos graffiti, but there is a mayor easter egg that no one is talking about, well they just don't see it in plain sight.

Im talking about the graffitti in this image with the red circle:

MONA you can read there
MONA you can read there

But what i can read there?, i read MONA, but with an extra detail: was writing using a font that make a direct reference to Card Game, and you can think about Harley Quinn, if you did it, you are wrong.

Royal Flush Gang

Yes!, we are here, Mona is a member of the super villains team with the name of Royal Flush Gang, her villain name is Queen of Spades, usually enemies of the Justice League.

I can't tell you if there will be a cameo or the full team, but something is almost secure... they will be in The Justice League.

Here a bit of Royal Flush Gang

What do you think guys and girls about it?, this graffiti is just for fun or something else?


How much do you know about this villains team?


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