ByConor McGreevey, writer at
Conor McGreevey

For the MoviePilot post credit scene contest, I decided to create what I think should have been the post credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

(cuts to scene of Nick Fury interviewing someone, but we can only see Fury)

Nick: So why do you think you deserve to be on this team?

(cuts to similar scene but with Maria Hill instead)

(cuts back to Nick listening to his interviewee)

Unseen teenage male voice: Well, you see, a few years ago...

Nick: Just get to the point Parker.

(camera shifts to show Spiderman who then takes off his mask to reveal Asa Butterfield as Peter Parker)

(cuts back to Maria)

Hill: What position were you in the air force?

Female Voice: Uh, captain.

Hill: And sorry, but I didn't catch your name?

(camera pans to reveal Charlize Theron in an air force uniform)

Female Voice: Danvers. Carol Danvers.


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