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I had my mind blown when I found out that every Marvel Phase 2 film had someone getting their hand removed. It's amazing no-one had figured this out until now. So if there is a recurring motif in Phase 2, surely there is one in Phase 1 as well. Well I believe I have found one.

The Same Type Of Villain

Now by the same type of villain, I don't mean they all have something in common. I mean they all have something in common with the respective hero and in turn that is what makes them have something in common.

In Iron Man, Obediah Stane retrieved the Mark I armour from a terrorist and used it to build the Iron Monger suit. Just like Tony, Stane had an iron suit but used it for evil instead. They also both work for Stark Industries.

In The Incredible Hulk, Emil Blonsky is a soldier who has a thirst for power and voluntarily gets exposed to gamma radiation to become just like the Hulk. He grew big, his skin was a different colour and he was an all around bad-ass. Apart from morals, they were basically the same.

In Iron Man 2, Ivan Vanko's father worked with Howard Stark to build the first ARC Reactor. His father taught him how to build one and he used that knowledge to build his own suit to get revenge on the Stark family. Have I convinced you yet?

In Thor, the damn villain is related to the hero! Loki and Thor are brothers who are both the heir to the throne of Asgard, they also both desire that throne and appear to be willing to do anything to get it. They both go after the Ice Giants with the intent of killing them with Loki being the more successful one.

And finally in Captain America, Johann Schmidt took the unfinished Super Soldier serum from Abraham Erskine and became a Super Soldier. He's basically a Nazi Captain America. He didn't even have that origin in the comics and the film wouldn't really have been changed if they left that part out.

What you talking abut, Thanos?
What you talking abut, Thanos?

The Avengers doesn't count considering there isn't really one hero. In Phase 2, the villains are very different. In Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian develops a serum called Extremis which gave him regenerative and fire powers. In Thor: The Dark World, Malekith is a dark elf who awakens after a long slumber with the intention of destroying the universe. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Alexander Pierce is a political leader who secretly works for HYDRA. In GOTG, Ronan is a Kree fanatic who seeks to destroy Xandar by working with Thanos, someone very different from Peter Quill.

Hopefully that's what's going on and I'm not just rambling on. I can't wait to see the recurring motif in Phase 3, I'm quite curious as to what it is. Let's lend a hand to the upcoming film Ant-Man so they can take it off. I'm so sorry, I won't do that again, I wouldn't be able to HANDle it. Damnit, did it again!

P.S. For some reason, there are four different tags for Thor apparently. I found it quite funny so I used them all.


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