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Apparently Chris Evans, fighter of crime, Captain America, and all round badass, is also a great singer and piano player? Who knew!

We're kind of used to seeing him like this...

But his brother Scott uploaded a video onto YouTube to embarrass the Avengers star, showing us the softer side of the action hero, saying:

"Today I decided to embarrass my brother further and show he and I goofin' around last weekend. :)"

The pair don't seem to be able to take their singing seriously as the duet is cut short at just 43 seconds long with them collapsing in giggles, but their matching backwards cap game is strong.

Scott, best known for his role as the police officer Oliver Fish in TV show One Life to Live added:

"We had the giggles and couldn't make it through the whole thing without laughing. Here is just a tease... With some sung apologies to each other."

Ok, so this cover of James Taylors' "Fire & Rain" probably won't be propelling them to the final of America's Got Talent anytime soon, but it's nice to know that when he's not out kicking ass with his Avenger buddies he can be found playing some tunes at home with his baby brother.

And if just hearing the start of "Fire & Rain" has got you humming, check out the full James Taylor song below:

source: etonline


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