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I know many of us have an intense curiosity for spooky abandoned buildings that are considered haunted. However, many of us are too frightened of what horrors reside within these desolate spaces.

If you are of the timid nature, yet you crave some exploration of haunted dwellings, then these following videos will satisfy that yearning. This way you can tour without all the terror!

1. Hirta Island, Scotland

Located in Western Scotland, this island was lightly populated until 1930. All of the 36 residents had to abandon the area due to unrelenting weather conditions and the possibility of famine.

2. North Brother Island, New York

North Brother Island contains a building that was first used as a hospital, but was then converted into a housing unit for war veterans and their families. In the 1950s, the buildings were used as centers for those with drug addictions, but the island has since been abandoned. It is now a bird sanctuary.

3. South Brother Island, New York

Excuse the short video. There are few videos of the South Brother Island.

The last known person to live on the South Brother Island was a man by the name of Jacob Ruppert. His house burned down in 1909, and since then, the island's only inhabitants have been various bird species.

4. Pollepel Island (Bannerman's island), New York

Located by the Hudson River, and containing the remains of the Bannerman's Castle after exploding from the amount of military equipment, this island doesn't even have a ferryboat. It sunk to the bottom of the Hudson in 1950.

5. Hashima, Japan

Hashima used to be the home of an undersea coal-mining building, but was abandoned in 1974.

6. Poveglia Island, Italy

Also nicknamed The Island of Madness, this island's purpose was used as a quarantine structure. After becoming an asylum in 1922, the building closed in 1968. Eerily enough, the island is scattered with a few pits where they placed the bodies of people who unfortunately died of the plague.

7. Inishmurray, Ireland

This tiny island contains a monastery that was built in the 1500s. It has been at population zero since 1948.

8. Fort Carroll in Baltimore, Maryland

Fort Carroll is actually located on a man-made island. it was constructed in 1850, but was abandoned in 1921 when the Army took all their equipment out.

If you want to make your exploration feel insanely real, turn off the lights and put the sound up louder. Nothing is more fun than feeling a chill run down your spine as your wander through creepy abandoned buildings.

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