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Now, I know that many fans of the original Tron (1982), or just movie maniacs, who watched Tron: Legacy for the first time were on the middle ground with the reception of the sequel. However, I still was hoping to get a sequel, since I was always fascinated by the idea of the world within computer, especially after amazing and breathtaking visuals presented by Joseph Kosinski.

I am deeply disappointed that Disney had to cancel sequel for Tron:Legacy. Therefore, I wish to at least pretend like it could have happened. This article with give a post-credit scene for Tron:Legacy (2010).


After the credits finally reach the top of the screen, audience starts to recognise Daft Punk's suspending music. The screen shows us a laboratory in one of the basements of the buildings in the city. We see a basement, full of high-tech gadgets and tools, some of them strongly resembling technology in the world of the computer, where Sam has recently been. While the camera pans across the room, we can faintly hear rapid sound of typing. Consequently, we see a symmetrical shot with a man in the middle, with his back towards camera, slouched over some kind of computer. We then get a close up shot of his hands typing and then suddenly stopping. His hands are frozen in the air and a fast, nervous breathing is heard. A man slowly presses a button, and as soon as he touches it the shot changes swiftly. We now see an almost completely black landscape: dark clouds covering dark sky; pale, weak lights blinking in a distance and an endless floor made of glass. Suddenly, pixels from the floor start to change, forming some kind of shape. The camera starts to move around this weird shape in 360 degrees. The audience starts to realise, that pixels form legs, then completely dark thighs. Tiny black squares move around each other incredibly rapidly, forming human torso and arms. When the shoulders are almost formed, camera finishes rotating, showing us a formed head with a dark, alien-shaped helmet on it. Suddenly the helmet starts to disappear, and we see a familiar face of Edward Dillinger Junior (Cillian Murphy). The face with a confident, sly smile pro-claims the infamous: "End of the line" and the screen goes dark.


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