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Everyone does it. Everyone passes the time daydreaming about what they would buy if they had all the money in the world. What your house would look like, how you would decorate it, what clothes you would buy.

When I'm thinking of that perfect furniture and those amazing shoes I don't tend to think of the 'Ed Gein' look, but from this collection of items you are about to see, it looks like some people want their pad to be Gein-esque. Gross.

Taking inspiration from the human taxidermist, these everyday household items being sold on the Slaughter FX website, have been given a 'this looks like human skin' vibe which I'm sure Ed would have approved of.

Strangely enough some of these items are sold out?! So don't be disappointed if that armchair that looks like ten people have been killed to make it isn't available, just find something else you like!

I'm just waiting till payday for the stilettos. No, I'm kidding, I'm actually getting the lamp.

Shoes $200

What woman would't want to wear these on the dance floor on a Saturday night? Since when did shoes that look like they're made from skin look so fashionable?! And at $200 a pair, you will be the ONLY person left on the dance floor when everyone sees these!

A real eye for detail.

In an array of color, skin, blood and clotted blood!

Lamp $350

Been wondering what would be the perfect accompaniment to that new bureau you bought, or need a bedside lamp for when you snuggle in bed to read a book. Buy this, it's guaranteed to make you scream the house down if you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom!

Lampshade detail...WTF?!

What kind of shadows must this make on your walls?!

I don't think sewing is this persons best talent, then again, I don't think it was Ed's either.

Armchair $2,500

After a long day at the office, you want to unwind, have a drink, maybe watch some TV, why not kick back and take it easy on the scariest chair known to man!

A terrifying statement piece that will be sure to unnerve any houseguest. Made from what looks like genuine human skin, it will last a lifetime. Shame about the peoples lives it took to make it though.

Lovely nose and hair detail to rest your hands after a long day.

The disgusting Ed look continues even at the back, so it can be positioned in any part of the room.

Hand Swivel Chair $2,999

If you're wanting something a little different than just your average skin covered armchair, why not go for the human skin covered swivel chair that's shaped like a severed hand.

Again, detailing carries on even at the back of the chair so no matter where a person stands, they will always be grossed out.

That top guy needs to brush his teeth, but I suppose that's the least of his problems!

*insert dirty joke about faces being somewhere to sit here*

Picture Frame $125

Been wondering where to put your treasured family photos? Why not surround your family and friends with what looks like the skin and hair of other people!

Your memories will be tarnished forever.

Lovely hard skin detail in various beige and blood soaked colors.

That picture of Grandma's 90th birthday party will look terrifying in this one-of-a-kind frame.

Spine Lamp $350

If the small bedside lamp just wasn't quite haunting enough, why not purchase this one, which looks like it has a spine attached to it!

A quirky addition to any living room, a truly crazy scary piece of furniture.

Lampshade detailing that includes matted hair and warts.

The spine even looks like it has a curving effect, just like a real one.

Purse $250

Looking for a versatile purse that will go with just about every outfit? No one will care what you're wearing when they feast their eyes on this.

Practical for the everyday, complete with ZIP to keep all your valuables safe, not that anyone would want to steal this!

Even the back is detailed, so you can feel like you have a dead persons' skin pressed up against you at all times!

The stitching on the handles is fabulous, or disgusting, depending which way you look at it!

Ankle Boots $200

If stilettos ain't your thing, then why not try these ankle boots. Complete with laces and cute peep toes, unknown if they are decorated with actual toes.

A manageable heel, could even be worn for a trip to the mall, if you want to shop in silence after frightening everyone else away.

No shoe is complete without an ear sewn to the side of it.

I really can't imagine anyone wanting to own any of this stuff! Well, apart from Buffalo Bill. His idea of a good night in was putting on someone else's scalp and dancing around!

source: slaughterfx


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