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So you've got your hands on a shiny new PS4 - now what do you do with it? You might not know it yet, but Sony's next-generation console is capable of a lot more than just playing a bunch of eye-wateringly good looking games.

Here are 6 nifty tips and tricks that'll help you to get the most out of your PS4...

1. Have It Recognize Your Face

Whilst it might struggle to identify Tony Stark, the PS4 can totally recognize you. Besides the fact this future technology is kinda creepy, the feature is actually really handy if you share the use of your console - the machine will automatically detect who is sitting in front of it and sign in the appropriate profile.

Of course, you'll need to nab a separate PlayStation 4 camera to make use of its facial mapping technology. Once you have, simply go into your settings, navigate to 'Face Recognition' and click 'enable.' Wa-lah!

2. Measure the Rarity Of Your Achievements

What good are all your gaming accomplishments if you can't stack them against the rest of the world's?

Did an achievement just pop up for reaching 500 kills in Call Of Duty? Why not find out exactly how special you are by checking how many other players managed to do the same? Warning: This feature has only made me realize that I'm not at all special.

3. Type By Aiming Your Controller At the Screen

Who's got time to fiddle around with an on-screen QWERTY? This is 2015, dammit! Luckily, the future we live in has alternative typing methods; more specifically, gyro typing methods.

When using the PS4 keyboard click in the right analogue stick to bring up a small circle on-screen. Congratulations, you can now move that circle by moving your actual controller over the keyboard, literally saving you entire seconds! But seriously, those seconds add up...

4. Reconfigure the Entire Controller

Don't like what Sony did with the control scheme? Change it! You can re-map every button on your PS4 controller to suit your every need; a particularly handy feature for gamers with physical disabilities.

5. Save Actual Money By Clicking This Button!

I know that sub-heading totally sounds like nefarious "I make $1000 a month by working from home!" marketing, but I swear it's true. Energy bills aren't cheap, especially if you keep leaving your console running when it's not necessary. Make sure that never happens again by going into your 'Power Save Settings,' where you can schedule automatic shutdowns, reconfigure the console's sleep mode and tinker with other bill-reducing options.

6. Play Your PS4 and Watch TV Simultaneously

This one's a real relationship saver, trust me. Has your SO ever got frustrated with you for playing too many games? Well, now you don't need to compromise because they can use the TV while you carry on gaming!

Note that you will need a separate Playstation Vita handheld console for this neat little trick. Once you have one you can stream your PS4 screen down to the portable device, freeing up your big screen for movies, TV or whatever else.


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