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Warning! This article contains potential spoilers for the future of the Disney-owned Star Wars franchise - including, but not limited to, the movies, comicbooks and books.

Oh Han. You naughty boy, you. We always knew you were a dirty scoundrel, but we never thought you capable of this...

Han Solo, although ultimately fighting the good fight, is known as one of the universe's most nefarious bad boys. He doesn't think twice about stealing your ship, gunning you down in a dingy tavern or breaking every smuggling law in the galaxy. But did you know he was also capable of infidelity? Well, that appears to be the case.

According to a new sixth edition of the in-canon Marvel Star Wars comicbook, Han Solo was in fact married during the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and potentially even the entire original trilogy. The final panel from the comic, which is set after the events of Episode IV but before The Empire Strikes Back, shows Han and Leia being surprised by Han's seemingly estranged wife. That's right. Wife! Check it out below:

Furthermore, another panel from a previous comic reveals that Sana doesn't exactly seem like the 'open relationship' sort of girl.

Of course, without knowing the entire story of this comicbook arc, it's unclear whether Han remains married for the remainder of the Star Wars saga - potentially adding a new, illicit twist to his future relationship with Leia.

In the extended universe, Han marries Leia and the couple have three children, Jaina, Jacen and Anakin. However, this only exists within the extended book universe, which Disney has since rendered as non-canon. It has also been confirmed Episodes VII–IX will not contain storylines from the extended universe.

So, could this Sana Solo have some kind of role to play in either the new Disney trilogy or rumored Han Solo prequel? As mentioned above, this comic is officially canon, and it seems odd to change a major character's backstory and not refer to it in the other mediums of the franchise. That being said, is this actually a storyline you'd like to see explored, or would you have preferred they left Han's backstory alone?

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