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I'm a 90's kid, straight up, born and raised, but the 90's were actually a tough time being a kid. Everything had to be extreme, everything had to be hardcore, you have to be a bad ass to survive, you gotta hold up and fight for your right, and that's where the quest to become a bad ass for me began.

My folks rented a lot of movies in video rental stores, and every time they do, they always let me pick 1 movie each time. This is where I discovered what I would call "Bad ass Tutorial Videos 101 extreme". I rented Terminator, Robocop, Mad Max, Predator, Rambo and the list goes on. I grew up watching and loving these movies and up to this day these 80's bad ass movies are close to my testosterone filled muscle bound heart(even though I'm pretty skinny lol), the 90's extreme-ness got nothing with 80's bad assery.

Then move forward to the present, on one boring day I came across a trailer so bad ass, so 80's, so perfect I couldn't contain my bad ass emotions of bad ass happiness...and it was Kung Fury.

David Samberg, the man who is behind this awesome and majestic movie is a genius, he wrote the entire thing, directed it and played the lead "Kung Fury" himself, and with that I must commend a job well done and give 2 thumbs-up with both my arms flexing at the same time.

Okay so basically Kung Fury is a love letter to all 80's bad ass movies you can imagine, may it be Die Hard, Big Trouble in Little China, Robocop and the list goes on. It basically captures, exposes and highlights the best parts in an 80's bad ass movie. The over-the-top action, the over-the-top gore, the outlandishness and craziness one man can accomplish with the use of his fists, kicks and and his gun.

I'll try not to spoil you with everything dear reader, but basically it's about one man, the chosen one, named "Kung Fury" on a quest to stop the evil Kung Fuhrer Hitler(yes, Adolf is here). On his journey and adventure to stop him, he meets outlandish and crazy characters, helps them and teams up with them and it's pretty crazy, even the mighty god of thunder and awesome pecs is here(Thor, and that's the only spoiler I'll give you). The story isn't really something that would make you think or mind-blowing, it's pretty much cookie cutter story but it works, and it works perfectly with the vibe they're going for and the feel they want you to feel. It's hilarious at best, but me being biased with things like this, I'd say it's a masterpiece lol. David Samberg and Laser Unicorns definitely know they're target viewers and they hit us on-spot!

The action is just plain over the top, from jumping out in to flying cars while shooting someone, to crazy kung fu fights that are just plain impossible(but possible with 80's bad assery), to a whole team vs. army fight. It's just plain crazy and fun. And the effects, Oh my the effects, the effects is a perfect blend of 80's cheap effects and of course modern CGI, it's pretty weird but it works, it works well for the whole movie. It's cheesy but it works, and that's the best part of it, it's cheesy 80's bad assery, heads decapitation, exploding heads, exploding cars, exploding everything. It's 80's exaggeration at it's best and it works very-very well.

And oh my, don't get me started about the soundtrack, the soundtrack of 80's synth pop at it's best, pump-up, dance-y, "get your blood flowing and start bashing some heads" music. I've always loved music like these, Mitch Murder and Lost Years definitely know their stuff and where to put it and how to start a vibe. As a producer and musician, I totally approve, this isn't your hipster-trying-hard-to-be-legit-80's music, it's actually legit 80's music which will bring you back to a time where it's all about style, kicking ass and chewing gum(yes, I just made a Duke reference). I cannot commend further, just watch the movie, listen to the sounds and let it explain on it's own. If you're like me and very nit-picky about certain soundtracks of a movie, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Dear reader, as you can see, I'm totally in-love with this movie, but you can't blame me, it's pretty awesome. I'm one of their target audience and it totally worked for me. I totally recommend this to anyone who enjoys 80's badassery and for those who have know idea what it is, this movie is basically 80's bad assery explained in 30 mins and at it's best.

Kudos to David Samberg, the whole Laser Unicorn team and everyone who made this movie possible, even the Kickstarter backers, you have made me and all the 80's bad ass movie fans out there very happy and made us all remember how awesome movies were before they got all serious and grimy and dramatic and shit.

If you haven't watched this amazing movie, do yourself a favor, here it is:

Peace! <3


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