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I clearly remember being a theater student in my high school and absolutely loving it. I enjoyed making costumes, putting on intense makeup, researching extensively to properly represent my characters, and finally memorizing lines and rehearsing with my fellow talented actors.

There are, of course, those actors who are unable to disconnect the real world and the play world. Actors who cannot shut off the performance once the stage lights are dimmed and the costumes and makeup are stripped off.

Below is a list of cosplayers who have taken it to the extreme level. I really do commend them for their commitment, as I don't think I'd quite stack up against them.

Lord of the Babies?


Last time I checked, I don't think you're supposed to put children in cages. But at least they're smiling and look like they're getting plenty of air.

1. You've Got to be Joking

Cinema Makeup School FanPage

He looks insanely rad. But the contacts, the wig, the makeup is a little too much for me personally. I'd just be very uncomfortable while making others feel uncomfortable.

2. Turanga Leela from Futurama


How is she able to see? I can barely see while wearing contacts. I would definitely crash into people and objects left and right. She, however, has Leela's looks down to a tee!

3. Groot Suit

Calen Hoffman

The meticulous detailing on this is mind-blowing. It looks as if it's made of actual tree bark, and I wish I knew if it was. How did they get the eyes to look like that? I don't know if I'd have the patience to do all this, but it seems worth all the hard work.

4. Slender Man


I can barely breath as it is due to allergies, and i know I wouldn't be able to at all with this mask contraption on my face. Also, those are some intense stilts, but he is working it. I just don't know how he'll eat anything with those long fake arms, and that's a crucial concern of mine.

5. Eren's Mom's Gruesome Death


Just watch the clip from Attack on Titan in case you need a refresher:

That is an insanely creative way of showcasing Eren's mother's death. It's also very random, but I appreciate the unique nature of it all.

6. Jabba the Balloon


I don't even want to know how long it took for this bearded Leia to create this phenomenal Jabba the Hutt balloon creature. How incredibly inventive, yet time consuming.

7. The Human Throne


I wouldn't be able to kneel like that all day, but I admire the group effort. I'd be more than happy to sit on the throne though!

8. Merida from Brave

Dasha Kond

Yes, my friends. That is a real life bear. And no, she doesn't seem frightened at all. I, on the other hand, would run as far away as possible.

9. Assassin's Fear


I have no idea how they are completely calm way high up on those platforms. And I don't even have a fear of heights.

10. Red Skull

Daily Mail

Henry Damon is very very committed to looking like Red Skull. And not only once in a while when the mood strikes, as it seems the mood is striking 24/7. Damon has gotten several subdermal implants in his forehead and cheeks, removed his nose, as well as tattooed his eyes and face to look like Red Skull. Now that's dedication.

11. Elf Ears


Many fans are itching to look like an elf, a mutant, or a Vulcan. And some of them are going so far as permanently pointing their ears with surgery. I think it looks adorable, but I would be much too impatient to wait for them to heal properly.

From intense costuming complete with intricate detailing and design, to actually physically altering your looks, cosplayers tend to be the most dedicated fans.

While some may think they take it too far, I feel all is enjoyable as long as no one is getting hurt. So if you're on a high ledge, don't fall over. And if you're keep Hobbits captive in cages, just feed them every so often.

Maybe taking it a little far isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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