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It was rumored a few weeks ago but now it's confirmed that director of Furious 7 and The Conjuring, James Wan, will direct the upcoming DC film, Aquaman.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the director has just made a deal with Warner Bros. to direct the standalone film starring Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones).

Along with this, Wan is also set to direct the upcoming Robotech film which Sony hopes will kick off a new franchise.

James Wan mastered Horror with Insidious, Saw and The Conjuring but earlier this year he gave us one of the most exciting action films of the year with Furious 7, the seventh installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. The film became an instant Billion dollar hit and did very well with both critics and fans, so it's no wonder Wan is now being given all of these projects.

What this means for the fate of Furious 8? I'm not sure, perhaps Wan will direct that sequel before he starts work on Aquaman or Robotech. Furious 8 is set to release in April 2017.

Aquaman was a movie I was looking forward to, but the addition of James Wan has made this a movie to look out for, I think it's safe to say we can expect great things from Aquaman. The character being played by Jason Momoa will make his debut in next years Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, his role is expected to be minimal and will set up his own stand alone film set to release two years later in 2018 along with The Flash. The character will most likely appear in the Justice League film as well in 2017.

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